Incarcerated population in the United States

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Incarcerated population in the United States (1980-2016)

prison statsThe total size of incarcerated population in United States in 2016 reached 21,62,400. This was a slight decrease from 21,72,800 in 2015.  The decrease was mainly due to a decline in the prison population (state & federal). The jail population (local jails) remained relatively stable. From 2007 to 2016, the incarcerated population of United States has declined at an average rate of 0.7%.  From Jan 01, 2016 to December 31,2016, the total incarcerated population saw a decline of 0.5%. The total incarcerated population in 2004 was 21,36,600. Since then, the incarcerated population has been the lowest in 2016.

(Incarcerated population denotes the estimated number of persons under the jurisdiction of state or federal prisons, and in the custody of local jails.)

Adult incarceration rate in 2016 was 860 per 100,000. It was at 920 in 2000 and has kept reducing over years to reach 910 in 2010 and 870 in 2015. Current incarceration rate is at its lowest since 1996.

The following table shows the size of incarcerated population in U.S., including local jails as well as federal and state prisons between 1980-2016. 

[table id=411 /]


Bureau of Justice Statistics.

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