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Sales of Hyundai Motor Vehicles in US 2012-2018

The following table shows the sales figures for Vehicles sold by Hyundai Motors in US from 2012 to 2018 March.

Retail Sales of Hyundai Motors in USA 2012-2018

YearUS retail sales
2018 (till March)148875

Hyundai Motors is among the leading car manufacturers of the world. Its Elantra and Sonata are among its best selling models in US apart from Santa Fe and Tucson. By 2018 March, Hyundai had achieved a total sales of 148875 vehicle units in total. In 2017, it achieved the sales of 685555 vehicles which was low compared to 2016. In 2016, it had sold 775005 vehicles in US Market. In 2017, it sold 198210 units of Elantra and 131803 units of its Sonata model. By 2018 March it had sold 47864 units of Elantra and 23825 units of Sonata.

The following table shows the data for the unit sales of best selling models by Hyundai from 2012 to 2017.

Sales Figures of Hyundai Best Selling Models in US 2012-2018

Sales figures for Hyundai Best Selling models in US    
ElantraSonata Santa FeTucson
2018 (till March)47864238252855227882


Data sourced from Hyundai website and Annual Reports.

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