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Hyundai Motors Marketing expenses

The chart above displays the marketing expenses of Hyundai Motors from 2011 to 2022 in billions of Korean Won. In fiscal 2022, Hyundai spent 3,102.6 billion Korean Won on advertisements and sales promotions, compared to 2,609.8 billion Korean Won in the prior year.

Marketing Expenses of Hyundai Motors 2011-2022

Amounts are in billions of Korean Won.

YearAdvertising & Promotions Expenses (Billion KRW)
2022 3,102.6
2021₩ 2,609.8 
2020₩ 2241.5
2019₩ 2,551.3
2018₩ 2,308.5
2017₩ 2460
2016₩ 2233
2015₩ 2072 
2014₩ 2053
2013₩ 2087
2012₩ 2164
2011₩ 2205 

2021: Hyundai spent ₩ 2,609.8 billion on advertising and promotions in 2021 compared to ₩ 2,241.5 billion in 2020.

2019: Total advertising and promotions expenses of Hyundai Motors in 2019 reached ₩ 2,551.3 billion.

Total advertising and promotions expenses of Hyundai Motors in 2018 was ₩ 2308.5 Billion compared to ₩ 2460 billion in 2017.  

Marketing expenses of Hyundai Motors

The automotive industry is marked by intense competition and it is why apart from focusing on innovation in manufacturing and distribution, brands also invest a lot in R&D and marketing. Marketing has become all the more crucial in he 21st century because of the crowd of automotive brands in the market.  Customers have several options before them and each customer evaluates the available options before making a final purchase. Advertising and promotions are the method to attract new as well as retain old customers. The marketing expenses of Hyundai motors include the advertising and sales promotion expenses of the brand.  In 2017 the brand spent 2460 Billions Korean won on advertising and sales promotion. This was 227 Billion Wons higher than the previous year.