How to use blogging to create brand awareness

Blogging can be a wonderful tool for marketing and promotion. However, its advantages are not limited to just that but blogging offers multiple other advantages too. These several functions that a simple blog serves can help a business strengthen its competitive advantage.  Several online businesses use blogs to engage their customers and grow sales as well as user base. Every brand uses several channels of marketing to reach its customers where its purpose mainly is to grow sales and revenue or to extend its user base. Higher brand awareness leads to a larger customer base and more leads. A blog can be a great tool to grow your brand awareness and find faster growth. Its advantages also include higher brand recognition and trust.

Blogging helps grow brand awareness 

Brand awareness is critical to the growth of your business. Your business should be well known if you want your customers to find you easily. The growing size of e-commerce shows you how much of business is carried out daily online. Amazon has acquired close to 50% of the entire e-commerce sales in U.S. However, it is just 5% of the entire U.S. retail industry. A large part of the success of leading brands like Amazon or Google or Facebook can be attributed to the level of brand awareness they have achieved. Usually, the task can be somewhat difficult for smaller businesses that do not have a fat marketing budget or resources to invest in marketing. Social media is also a great tool to gain exposure. However, having a blog will help you grow your brand awareness faster. Mixing blogging with social media can generate advantages which you may not have thought of previously.

Suppose you own a medium sized business and want to grow your market. You want to expand from your town or state or nearby towns or states.  Blogging can help you with your market expansion plan. For market expansion, you need to grow your brand awareness to reach more customers in nearby areas. You can achieve a large part of your market expansion plans through a simple well laid blog.  Make some posts about your business, your products and services and all that you want to offer to your customers. Include images of your business, products, services, staff and other things that will interest your customers. Add a few posts every week. On separate pages provide helpful information for your customers like whom to get in touch with for a particular concern or question or just create a FAQ page. One of the main benefits will be that people will find you easily in Google search results.

Having a blog  grows your search ranking. While you can achieve this through paid promotions, the results can be better if you have an accompanying blog. This also helps establish credibility. If there are multiple pages on your blog that educate customers on various aspects of your business including products/services, it will get new customers interested. You can target specific customer segments through paid advertising. However, you should first create beautiful landing pages on your blog. This can easily grow your brand awareness among your desired customer segments. You can also include call for action buttons on these landing pages so that people can try your products and services. If you plan to announce a deal or discount, a business blog is the best place to start from. Make a post with a great title and include detailed information on the deal . Including images makes the posts look more engaging and attractive. Share infographics about your business, products and important achievements or just flaunt your medals (what your customers say about you). 

Now a days, people search for information online from their smartphones and tablets. Design a cool blog that is compatible with screens of all sizes. Creating a blog is not as difficult as it appears. If you already have your business website, just add a blog section and start posting. Ask you staff for ideas and include posts written by them. A blog makes it easier to get closer to customers looking for your products and services. You can send your customers from your blog pages to the main ecommerce page using ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Learn More’ buttons. If customers can find you conveniently, half your target is achieved. Blogs can also help drive conversion. You can also include chat or messaging on your blog if you want you customers to contact you easily.  All these things can help grow your brand awareness faster. So, what is your business waiting for; start blogging!