Honda Social Media Strategy

 Social Media Strategy of Honda Motors

Social media has become a very important channel of marketing and promotions for the automotive brands. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, the automotive brands including Honda are everywhere. They connect with their millions of followers on the social media and keep them engaged with their social media posts and videos. User engagement and customer relationship management have become important components of marketing the 21st century. Social media has helped these brands by increasing their reach, helping them connect with millions of customers worldwide and that too without any major expenditure. Honda has also maintained an extensive social media presence, connecting with its fans and followers and engaging them through the several social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These social media channels, apart from providing a very large reach have also helped the brand at retaining its customers by engaging them.

Honda Social Media Stats (Aug, 2018).

  • Facebook followers : 5 million.
  • Twitter followers : 986.1K
  • Instagram followers : 3.7 million.
  • YouTube followers : 405,000


Facebook is the most important social media channel for the brands trying to promote their products and image before a large and global audience. It provides the widest reach as a leading social media platform and exposure to a very large audience not available on any other online channel. It is why when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook remains the most preferred platform for all the major brands including the large and global automotive brands. Honda’s main account on Facebook has 4.8 million followers which is a sign of the brand’s global popularity. However, the brand also has separate Facebook pages for its different products. Facebook is a wonderful social media channel when it comes to keeping your fans and followers posted. Honda regularly makes posts about the events it sponsors and its products. Apart from that, it also uploads videos of the various shows where its products are showcased. This keeps the users engaged who respond to these posts to show their appreciation.

Twitter marketing:

Twitter is also a very impart social media channel for the marketing of the automotive brands. All automotive brands engage their users trough Twitter. Twitter can be used for sharing pictures and videos and just like Facebook, brands can also promote their products with efficiency on this social media channel. Honda has made more than 201 K tweets and has more than 921K followers on Twitter. Like Facebook, Twitter too can provide access to a very large customer audience and can be easily used to promote your products and services. Honda promotes the videos of key events and campaigns on this social media channel.


Instagram is the most loved social media channel of the fashion brands but the automotive brands too love it equally. While, it is mainly a photo and video sharing website, brands also communicate with their followers from it. Honda has more than 2.4 million followers on this social media site. It has made more than 1600 posts on Instagram. A large hoard of followers interacts with the brand on Instagram and gives its likes and comments on its photos and videos. Instagram is a very popular website and therefore also very efficient in terms of marketing and promotion of brands and products.


YouTube is mainly a video sharing social media site but very efficient in terms of marketing because the videos uploaded by a band find exposure to a very large audience. Honda has more than 318,000 followers on YouTube. There are 994 videos uploaded in its account ( as of April 2018). These videos do not just include promotional videos of Honda products but also those meant to engage users. Many of these videos are meant to help users with the product and services provided by Honda.

In this way, Honda is successfully marketing itself through several social media channels. However, a social media presence for the automotive brands is more than compulsory and does not just connect your brand with users but also help engage them.


Social Media accounts of Honda Motors