Helpful Tips for Socially Valuable Marketing

Have you heard of socially valuable marketing? It is now one of the driving forces behind some of the most successful advertising initiatives being used today. When it comes to communicating your message on social media, there are hundreds of ways to do this.

If your goal is to communicate a positive message to conscious consumers, then utilizing the right social strategies is necessary. Keep reading for some tips to create an effective socially valuable campaign. Regardless of whether you want to feed the hungry or sell solar panels or a solar battery solution, you’ll find the tips below to help you achieve your goals.  

Create Useful and Interactive Promotions

People will remember the advertisements you create if you provide value to your audience. One example of this is with IBM. This company made billboards that double as handicap ramps, benches, rain shelters, and other practical, needed things.

Create a Game That Gives Something Back

There is no question the mobile gaming industry is quickly expanding. Games are an effective way to help keep your viewers and followers entertained while increasing social participation in purposeful giving. You can also use these games to help highlight the good, important work your brand is doing.

One example of this type of game is called “Save the Park.” This game was created by the National Park Service and American Express, along with help from Games for Change. The combined efforts created a simulation of what it is like to work as a park ranger and to learn important facts and conservation tips for the protected lands across the U.S. To give back, American Express downloaded $1 for each download. This type of giving back helped promote the brand and increased customer engagement while doing something good and supporting an important cause.

Participate in Charitable Events

One of the best ways to support social good is by hosting an event for a cause. One example of cause marketing is with Kenneth Cole. This company has participated in several initiatives to bring attention to the cause of equality and social justice.

For example, Tied with Pride is a campaign that combines an entire line of Pride clothing and shoes that feature rainbow details. These clothing options were paired with an extensive social and digital campaign and fundraiser. This is one of the strategies that has helped to show Kenneth Cole’s dedication to the LGBT community.

Heartfelt Stories and Meaningful Experiences

You have likely heard how important it is to develop an emotional connection with your viewers, visitors, and followers. There is nothing that can help develop this emotional connection better than telling the story of how your brand has impacted and improved people’s lives.

Studies have proven that telling a story will help to make your message more memorable. In fact, people are 22 times more likely to remember something that is told within a story. An example of using storytelling well in brand messaging can be seen with Guinness.

The “Made of more” campaign launched by Guinness promotes inclusivity in the rugby game. In this advertising campaign, the brand told the story of the Japanese women’s rugby team from 1989 when gender expectations in Tokyo excluded women from participating. In the story, you get to see how the female players defied the social conventions and represented the country in the Women’s World Cup.

Along with the TV ads, a five-minute documentary was released about the team. This story is something that resonated with women and people of all genders, helping Guinness get attention because they told the story.

Videos That Provide Something

There’s no question that video streaming is a very popular pastime today. In fact, over five billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube alone. Just think about the social impact that may occur if each of these views contributed something to creating a better society.

One example of this is with the social good marketing campaign created by CATvs. This campaign was created to inspire more viewership and to spark that emotional connection discussed above. Also, each time a video was watched on the platform, a donation was made. Not only did this provide a source of entertainment for viewers, but it also provided a purpose and gave something back.

Hashtag for Good Strategies 

When you engage on social media, you have a direct way to reach people and inspire activism. This is possible while working to scale your business message’s organic reach and ensure a positive social impact.

One example of hashtags that give back was the one created by Disney Parks. This was called the “#ShareYourEars” social media campaign. For each photo that someone posted with the branded hashtag, Disney donated $5 to the Make a Wish Foundation. Even if your business does not have the reach that Disney does, it can still make a difference with this type of campaign. Consider donating to a local charity each time someone posts a message or picture with a hashtag of your choosing.

Contribute Through Apps

By now, you have created a business app. This is a must-have for businesses that want to remain competitive. However, you need to consider how you may be able to expand your app’s ability and reach. One way to do this is by donating to a charity of your choice each time users take a certain action.

Keep in mind that you have to have an app that provides some type of entertainment or value. It doesn’t matter what you do; you can find a way to encourage people to participate in the app features by donating when they do. Charity Miles works to encourage user engagement by donating each time someone logs miles through their app. This is good for the charity and for the user, as they are getting physical activity. The app can then generate income by hosting sponsored ads. These are seen by users each time the app is used.

BOGO for the Win

When someone makes a purchase, they want to feel good about it. Selfish altruism can be a powerful way for you to make your buyers feel as though they are doing something to help make the planet better. Even though some BOGO strategies are criticized, this is still an emotionally effective way to engage your customers.

An example of this type of BOGO offer is Bombas socks. Each time someone purchases a pair of these high-quality socks, the company donates a pair to the needy. Another company that offers this type of BOGO is Warby Parker. Many companies have begun using this strategy to ensure that people are buying and get that “warm and fuzzy” feeling that goes along with doing something good for someone else.

Sponsor a Team

A team provides you with the opportunity for storytelling. There will always be things to overcome and obstacles that a team faces, which makes cheering for them fun and exciting. When you sponsor a team and post their story, it can increase your own customer engagement.

If you pair this with some quality social contribution, this is a way you can truly win. For example, Novo Nordisk sponsors triathletes with Diabetes. This sponsorship has allowed the company to increase brand awareness and do something good for these individuals. The team can benefit from the healthcare products offered by the company while the company gets attention for the good they are doing in the community.

Pay Your Employees to Volunteer

Another way to begin participating in movements that are purpose-driven and building a strong internal community, all while generating earned media, is to sponsor employees to volunteer in meaningful work beyond the bounds of your company. Some companies are now paying their employees to volunteer.

Along with this, paid volunteerism makes employees feel more connected to their business; it can also help the business improve its public image and create powerful branding stories.

Give a Percentage of Sales Back to the Planet

Today, more companies have joined the initiative that is called “1% for the planet.” This strategy is connecting all the corporate do-gooders with various environmental causes. If you want to give back to your community, this is a great way to get started and requires minimal investment.

To join the initiative, you have to donate a minimum of one percent; however, you can choose to donate as much as you like. This is a great way to get started with a social good campaign.

Doing Your Part and Giving Back

As a business owner, you are likely always looking for ways to give back and share information about your brand. Be sure to consider the tips and information here to begin your own social good campaign. Doing so will pay off and provide you with the desired results, including more visibility and a better brand reputation. Being informed and knowing the steps to take will help you achieve success while giving back to the community and planet.