Harley Davidson Marketing Mix


Harley Davidson is a leading premium motorcycle brand hat enjoys strong recognition in most corners of the world. It’s known all over the world for its high-performance and heavyweight motorcycles. The luxury motorcycles made by Harley Davidson are known for both their style and technology. The motorcycle brand was founded in 1903. It is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The company has brought a large range of luxurious motorcycles to the market. While its leading market is the US, the company is also famous in other corners of the world. As a motorcycle brand, it enjoys a very high level of brand awareness and part of its fame can be attributed to Hollywood movies like Terminator. Superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and several others could be seen riding one of those heavyweights in several Hollywood blockbusters including the Terminator and several more gangsta movies.

This has continued to drive brand awareness of Harley Davidson higher. It is also why Harley Davidson belongs to a distinct category of bikes which are considered a symbol of personal freedom, style, and luxury. [LEARN MORE ABOUT HARLEY DAVIDSON BIKES]

This is a marketing mix of Harley Davidson analyzing the four P’s – Product, Place, Price, and Promotion.


Harley Davidson makes and sells premium heavyweight motorcycles which are just as good in terms of performance as they are good looking. These bikes are famous all around the world for their large build and the distinct riding experience they offer. Due to their stylish design, these bikes have remained a favorite of the movie and sports stars. The company manufactures and sells custom, cruiser and touring motorcycles featuring leading-edge styling, innovative design, distinctive sound, and superior quality. Moreover, Harley Davidson customers can personalize their bikes. Apart from that, the company also offers financial services for its customers through its Harley Davidson Financial Services. The company also sells parts and accessories as well as riding gear and apparel. Harley Davidson has brought a large range of bikes in various categories. Here is a brief list of the leading models:

Harley Davidson Street Bikes:

  • Street 500
  • Street 750
  • Street Rod

Harley Davidson Sportster Bikes:

  • Superlow
  • Iron 883
  • Iron 1200
  • 1200 Custom
  • Forty-Eight
  • Forty-Eight Special
  • Roadster

Harley Davidson Softail Bikes:

  • Street Bob
  • Low Rider
  • Softail Slim
  • Fat Bob
  • Deluxe
  • Sport Glide
  • Fat Boy
  • Heritage Classic
  • Break Out
  • FXDR 114

Harley Davidson Touring Bikes:

  • Electra Glide Standard
  • Road King
  • Street Glide
  • Road Glide
  • Road King Special
  • Electra Glide Ultra Classic
  • Street Glide Special
  • Road Glide Special
  • Road Glide Ultra
  • Ultra Limited Low
  • Ultra Limited

Harley Davidson Trike:

  • Freewheeler
  • Tri Glide Ultra

Harley Davidson CVO Range:

  • CVO Street Glide
  • CVO Road Glide
  • CVO Limited

Harley Davidson is also working on electric models and its first electric bike is due to be released in August 2019. This bike is called Livewire and it features a high voltage battery. According to sources, it is a noiseless bike.


The head office of Harley Davidson is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. The company also has a large network of dealerships spread throughout the world. The largest number of these dealerships are in the United States followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific. There are 691 dealerships of Harley Davidson in the US as of 2018. Apart from the US, its dealerships are there in Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific as well as Latin America. As of 2018, the company had a total of 1535 dealerships throughout the world through which it sells and services its motorcycles.


Harley Davidson bikes are very good in terms of both style and performance. The company invests in quality raw materials to make sturdy and high performing bikes. These products are targeted at the premium segment of the market. It is why they come with a large price tag. The Harley Davidson bikes fall within the $7,000 to $40,000 price range. The Sportster bike range by Harley Davidson falls within the $9000 – $12000 range, whereas the Softail range falls within the $14,000 – $22,000 range.

Touring bikes by Harley Davidson are costlier and fall within the $19000 – $29,000 range. The Trike range of Harley Davidson is priced above $28,000 whereas the CVO range is priced above $40,000. The premium price tags of these bikes are also related to the premium image of the company. Its products are targeted at the higher-end segment of the market. In 2018, the company sold 228,051 bikes of which 132,868 were sold in the US alone.


Harley Davidson uses both traditional and modern techniques for promotion. However, it uses several unconventional techniques also to promote its brand and products. It uses events in plenty for the promotion of its bikes. Events and promotions are an integral part of its marketing campaigns. Apart from that motorcycle shows and auto shows are also an important channel of marketing for Harley Davidson. There is a Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee where the company showcases its history and the older models of HD bikes. Harley Davidson also organizes races including drag races for promotions and to improve brand awareness. The brand utilizes digital channels including social media for engaging its fans. It has got a large number of fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram. Its own website is also a very important marketing channel where people can find information related to individual models as well as their specifications and prices.