Google site kit: a brief review

Site Kit by Google WordPress Plugin for Improved Pagespeed and Analytics

An analytics plugin is essential for any blog on WordPress since bloggers and webmasters need to monitor their audience regularly. For those who depend on their website revenue mainly, it is even important. However, one major problem with most analytics plugins is that they affect website speed. I have tried several and there are a few good ones available on WordPress but when it comes to site speed, even the best ones can have some negative effect. I had not heard much about the Site Kit plugin and someone mentioned it in the Ezoic forum. So, first I decided to check out the reviews online before trying it. However, most reviews are old ones which were written when the plugin was in beta. Now, it is released and you can install Google site kit from the plugins section of WordPress like you install any plugin.

What is Google Site Kit?

It is a multipurpose plugin developed by Google exclusively for WordPress bloggers. It has several functionalities which include Google Analytics, search console, page speed, and AdSense as well as tag manager.  

Site Kit by Google Plugin for WordPress

Key Features:

Google Analytics:

website analytics in site kit
check analytics in site kit

If you are using a different plugin for analytics then try Google site kit. Analytics integration is not just easier but  my site speed is also better without the old analytics plugin. You can check your 28 days analytics right from your WordPress dashboard. For real time stats, there is a direct link from inside the dashboard which will take you to your google analytics page.


Features of site Kit by Google
features in Site Kit by Google

If you are an adsense user, you will find this feature useful. If you are not, just leave this feature. However, you can monitor your adsense earnings right from your wordpress dashboard using Google site kit.

Search console:

This is also a useful feature for Google webmasters. You can check your top queries for last 28 days as well as number of impressions and click for each query right from inside the WordPress dashboard. Everything that you see in the performance section of the new Google webmaster is visible inside your wordpress admin panel.


The pagespeed feature is also available with the sitekit plugin by Google. You do not need to open the feature in a new page but check your pagespeed directly from your admin dashboard. Enable it and grant access if you need to monitor your pagespeed or leave it.

How does Google Site kit affect pagespeed? 

Site Kit by Google is a lot better than any other analytics plugin. I just deactivated my old analytics plugin after testing Site Kit. The changes were visible right after the installation. While analytics plugins affect website speed, Google site kit does not. There are additional features so this is like double benefit without sacrificing speed.

Site loading speed improves with Google site kit

How to install Site Kit by Google?

Just like you install any other plugin. Go to the plugins section in WordPress and click on add new. After that search for Site Kit by Google. Just install and activate. Nothing is complicated about this plugin because you do not need to add any code manually. You do not have to visit your search console or analytics or Adsense account to give permissions either.

However, you can give permissions using only your email account that you use for your website. Once you have installed the plugin, all you need to do is to give permission using your email account. In three simple steps you are all set and the plugin starts functioning instantly. Once you activate the plugin, you will come to the settings page.

Setting up site kit by Google

Click on start setting up and then choose the email account (sign in with google) linked to your search console, adsense and analytics account. Give permission for each one individually by clicking allow.

Most of you must be familiar with this process if you have linked features previously using your Google mail account. That’s all because you do not have to add the analytics code manually. Google will access this data and you can see it on your dashboard. 

Site Kit settings for each feature will show on your admin panel right at the top under the dashboard button as in the image below.

I use Ezoic on my website for managing ad revenue and I like its performance. However, to manage website speed because ads can slow down the loading speed, I use generatepress premium theme for wordpress. I also use cloudflare cdn alongwith my hostwinds hosting.

The previous analytics plugin was affecting site speed and what excited me the most about Site Kit by Google was the analytics feature. As soon as I installed it, site speed jumped from 86 to 95 for desktop while speed on mobile is also better (75-82 generally when I tested a few times). This is not bad for a site using Ezoic. So, Site Kit by Google is not just a better analytics plugin, its other features including Adsense and search console also make it one of the essentials for WordPress bloggers using Adsense.