Ebay Research and Development Expenses

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Research and development expenses of Ebay 2013-2017

The following table shows the R&D expenses of E-bay inc 2013-2017 in Million dollars.

[table id=147 /]

The e-commerce brands are investing large sums in research and development every year to grow their brands and to improve customer experience. E-bay also spends a large sum over product development every year, In 2017, its product development expenses reached 1224 million dollars which was a rise of 10% over the previous year. Its product development expenses represented 13% of its net revenues in 2017. In 2016, it spent 1114 million dollars which was 12% of its net revenue. From 2015 to 2016, its product development expenses had grown by 21%. This shows the growing focus of the brand on customer experience.


Data from Ebay Annual Reports available on its investors website.



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