Disney Revenue from Parks and resorts domestic and international

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Walt Disney Revenue from Parks and Resorts Domestic & International 2009-2017

The following table shows the revenue of Walt Disney from its domestic and international parks and resorts 2009-2017. Sums are in millions.

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Walt Disney is a  diversified global entertainment company with operations across four main business segments – Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment, and Consumer Products & Interactive Media (Check revenue from each 2001-2017). These segments are further divided into subsegments.  Disney has successfully established itself as a fun and entertainment brand for families. Two American brothers named Walt and Roy  O Disney had founded the brand in the year 1923. Sound financial performance of the brand is a sign of its strong and profitable business model.

In 2017, Disney’s income from domestic parks and resorts grew to 14.8 Billion dollars rising from 14.2 Billion dollars the previous year. Revenue from international parks and resorts grew to 3.6 Billion rising from 2.7 Billion dollars.


Walt Disney Annual Reports 2009-2017.


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