Disney Revenue and Operating Income from Media networks

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Walt Disney Revenue and Operating Income from the Media networks segment 2001-2017

The following table shows the revenue of Walt Disney from its media network businesses. Data from 2005 to 2017. Sums are in millions.

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Media network segment of Walt Disney’s business includes Cable Networks and broadcasting. ESPN, Disney and Freeform are the primary cable networks of Walt Disney. These networks either make their own programs or acquire rights from others to air theirs. The main source of revenue for the cable networks are affiliate fees and in case of some ad sales. The broadcasting business of Walt Disney includes domestic broadcast network, television production and distribution operations, and eight owned domestic television stations.

Revenue of Walt Disney’s Media network segment dipped slightly in 2017 as compared to 2016. Both across Cable networks and broadcasting segment there was slight decline in the total revenue. 2017 revenue from media networks was 23.5 Billion dollars compared to 23.7 Billion dollars in 2017. Cable networks yielded 16.5 Billion dollars in 2017 revenue compared to 16.6 Billion dollars in 2016. Broadcasting segment yielded 6.98 Billion dollars as compared 7.05 Billion dollars the previous year.

Cable networks earn their revenue from affiliate fees and ad sales. Following table shows the distribution of revenue of media networks from affiliate fees, ad sales and other sources.

[table id=276 /]

The following table shows the Operating income of Walt Disney from its media network businesses. Data from 2005 to 2017. Sums are in millions.

[table id=275 /]

Operating Income of Walt Disney corporation from the media networks segment fell to 6.9 Billion as compared to 7.8 Billion last year. Operating Income from Cable networks took a slight fall coming to 5.4 Billion as compared to 5.96 Billion previous year.


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