COSTCO SG&A Expenses

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SG&A Expenses of Costco wholesale 2005-2018

The following table shows the selling general and administrative expenses of Costco from 2005 to 2018 (amounts in million dollars).

[table id=161 /]

The selling, general and administrative expenses of Costco wholesale mainly include the salaries, benefits and workers’ compensation costs for warehouse employees as well as regional and home office employees, including buying personnel.  Apart from these they include substantially all building and equipment depreciation, credit and debit card processing fees, utilities, and stock-based compensation expense, as well as other operating costs incurred to support warehouse operations. In 2017, Costco’s SG&A expenses as a percentage of net sales decreased by 14 basis points to 10.26% from 10.40% in 2016. Total SG&A expenses of Costco amounted to 12.95 Billion dollars in 2017 having increased from 12.06 Billion dollars in 2016.


Data sourced from annual reports of Costco Wholesale’s Annual reports available on its investors website.

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