Costco revenue from Membership Fees

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Costco Wholesale Revenue from Membership fees 2005-2018

The following tables shows the revenue earned by Costco wholesale’s from membership fees from 2005 to 2017.

[table id=160 /]

Since the inception of Costco, its business has remained to grow its memberships and to drive the value proposition that keeps these members bringing back to the warehouses. Costco’s strategy is to provide its members with a  avery wide variety of high quality merchandise at consistently low prices. Its Gold star and business memberships allow the members access to its warehouses anywhere. Based on the value and convenience that Costco offers, the number of its members has continued to grow every year. In 2017, its earnings from membership fees increased to 2.85 Billion dollars from 2.65 Billion dollars in 2016.


Data sourced from annual reports of Costco wholesale available at its investors website.

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