Challenges of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly cost-effective, targeted and flexible method of online marketing. It can be scaled as per the marketer’s need and can help you reach both large and small consumer segments as per your need. There are other attractive benefits of email marketing as well. For example, you can attach images, links, and graphics as per your choice to make your email look attractive.

However, as simple as email marketing may appear, it can be challenging. Just as there are advantages, there are also related challenges that can either make or break your email marketing campaign. Moreover, email marketing does not suit every need and should not be used as a one-stop solution. It is no doubt a popular marketing tool used by big brands like Amazon, but there are drawbacks also. To make your email marketing campaign effective, you need to focus on these challenges and then create your email marketing campaign.

What are the main challenges of email marketing?

Need for a well-defined target audience:

First of all to make your email marketing campaign successful whether at a small or a large scale, you need to have a highly targeted consumer segment. You cannot shoot in the dark because that will make your efforts and your marketing strategy fail. Send emails only when you are sure, you are sending it to the right person. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and efforts sending emails to anyone and everyone who might or might not be interested in your products or services. In such a case, you will not just waste your time and resources but may also end up losing credibility and damaging your brand image.

Increased need for personalization:

Now, a higher degree of personalization is required to grab and sustain the consumers’ attention. Without the necessary degree of personalization, the emails will not have the desired impact. However, with the necessary personalization, the ROI on your email marketing campaign improves. It is an important challenge that email marketers must understand. They must leverage the data and stats they already have about a user to send personalized emails.

Need for better design  skills:

You want your audience to read your emails. However, unless your message looks as attractive, your audience will lose interest and will not respond to the communication as you want them to. It is why email marketers need at least basic design skills. Businesses can seek help from firms that specialize in such services. The chances of an attractive looking email being opened for reading by the user are always higher. Since the use of mobile devices has grown around the world and most people read emails on their smartphones, email marketers must design their emails keeping this in mind.

Fear of being spammed:

Now that every other marketer is using email for marketing, every day our email accounts grow full of promotional emails, many of which we never subscribed for. Users have also started recognizing spam emails by their looks and do not bother about them. Most of such emails remain unread because the user fears getting spammed. So, to ensure that your email is not trashed, make sure that it does not look like spam. There are steps you can take to ensure that your mail avoids the spam filter.

Need to build higher credibility:

Now that the level of competition in the market has grown, the success of your email marketing campaign also depends on the credibility of your brand. If yours is a well-known brand then no problem. Otherwise, try to build credibility. First of all, send emails only to the people that have opted for your email marketing newsletter or email campaign. Email design elements also affect the credibility of your brand. Apart from that, it is the content of the email that must not sound like spam.

Lower chances of getting noticed:

Now that every marketer wants his message to be noticed and every user has hundreds of daily emails reaching his account, the chances of your email being read are low. You should do everything to stand out and to ensure your email is read. Getting noticed is one of the most challenging aspects of email marketing. Even if you are sending your best message but nobody is interested in reading it then there is no use of sending such emails. Your email headlines should look attractive for being opened. So, use short and to the point headlines. Send content that interests your readers like fresh and relevant content.  The message or the content of the email should also be short and to the point using words and images in the right proportion.

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