TOWS Matrix for Apple Inc

Apple TOWS analysis A TOWS Matrix can also be understood as an extension of the SWOT matrix. A SWOT matrix helps us identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a business. However, a TOWS matrix helps with strategy formulation on the basis of the identified factors. It is an analytical tool that helps build … Read more


TOWS MATRIX for DOMINOS: You can take the TOWS Matrix to be an extension of the SWOT matrix. A SWOT matrix helps you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats before your business. However, a TOWS matrix helps with strategy formulation on the basis of the identified factors. It is an analytical tool to … Read more


TOWS MATRIX for STARBUCKS:   A TOWS Matrix can also be understood as an extension of the SWOT matrix. A SWOT matrix helps us identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a business. However, a TOWS matrix helps with strategy formulation on the basis of the identified factors. It is an analytical tool that … Read more

Airbus SWOT Analysis

Airbus SWOT Analysis Airbus, one of the leading manufacturers of commercial aircrafts is headquartered at Toulouse France. It has produced a large, modern and efficient range of airliners with capacity ranging from 100 to 500 seats. The company employees around 55000 people globally. It is known for its focus on innovation and has sold more … Read more


A SWOT analysis of General Motors (2017) General Motors is a customer focused company. Since its government  bailout during the recession, it has focused on innovation and customer orientation. From safety features and innovative driving arrangements, the brand has focused on producing cars that fit into its customers’ lives.  Now, customers are at the center of … Read more

Boeing SWOT Analysis 2016

A SWOT ANALYSIS OF BOEING: (Second Century of glorious flying)   Things went great for Boeing in 2015. However, 2016 was a bit less great as Boeing saw some decline in performance. The aerospace giant is the market leader in twin aisle airplane programs. Boeing preserved its global market share lead till 2015 by delivering … Read more

McDonalds SWOT Analysis 2016

A SWOT Analysis of McDonalds  (2016) Introduction: McDonalds is a leading brand in the fast food industry with global presence. For the last few years, it was seeing declining sales and a shrinking customer base. The situation had kept growing poor and so, CEO Steve Easterbrook was charged to bring the situation under control. He has been successful … Read more

Facebook SWOT Analysis 2016

 SWOT analysis of Facebook   The best known fact about Facebook is its number one position as a social network. The network of 1.5 billion visitors is most popular among the social media users. Number of visitors on Facebook has grown faster than any other social networking site. Apart from it Facebook’s revenue from ads has also grown … Read more

HP SWOT Analysis 2016

SWOT Analysis of HP (2016) This is a SWOT analysis of Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ). Introduction: Full name – Hewlett Packard Year Founded: 1939 Name of CEO – Deon J Weisler Industry Sector – Technology Industry – Computers, Office Equipment Headquarters – Palo Alto Number of Employees: 287,000 Competitors: Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Compaq, IBM, Canon, EPSON … Read more

Amazon SWOT Analysis 2016

A SWOT Analysis of the e-retail giant Amazon (2016) Online retail  has grown exponentially in the last decade. At the forefront of this growth is Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). Its worldwide presence and popularity both have surged rapidly. 2015 ended at a very happy note for the e-retailer. It was the happiest of all the 21 years Amazon has … Read more


 IKEA SWOT Analysis (2016) IKEA is a brand known for its quality and affordable furniture. It sells an affordable range of home furnishing products.  Affordable pricing and good quality have resulted in high popularity and great sales for the brand. IKEA has achieved this by combining several factors. It provides utility, quality, design and value in its products. … Read more

AT&T SWOT Analysis 2016

A SWOT Analysis of AT&T Inc. 2016 This is a SWOT analysis of the Telecommunications giant AT&T. Introduction: AT&T’s business continues to see ups and downs. Competition has affected its profits and customer base. Continued assaults from the rival brands during the last few years have led to a loss of customers. As a result, AT&T decided … Read more

How to conduct a SWOT analysis

What should I include in a SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis is ordinarily seen as an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of  a business. It is also known as internal external analysis or TOWS analysis. Many times people are lost upon where to start from. One should start his research from the company or brand’s background to get a good understanding of what the business does. To know a brand’s strengths and opportunities, one should first understand its market position.

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SWOT Analysis of Nissan Motors 2016

Nissan Motors SWOT Analysis 2016 Nissan is the second largest automaker in Japan after Toyota. Last year, it sold more than 5.4 million vehicles globally. On the other hand, Renault-Nissan alliance had a global sales of more than 8.5 million vehicles. Its strong performance was based mainly on its record sales in US, China and Europe. Despite the macroeconomic slump in Russia … Read more

SWOT analysis of Audi (Premium car brand) 2016

SWOT Analysis of Audi 2016 (with Infographics) READ A LATEST SWOT ANALYSIS OF AUDI  Presented here is a SWOT analysis of Audi: Compared to most tier two luxury car brands, Audi’s position in the market has ascended rapidly. While the others struggled to gain a market share, Audi surged ahead faster. In key markets globally, it … Read more

BMW SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of BMW automobiles  (2016) Premium vehicles brand Presented here is a SWOT analysis of BMW – BMW ‘s popularity and success are not a secret. It is a name people around the world cite with awe. From product quality to marketing and technology, it excels in all spheres. The manufacturer of luxury cars and bikes has … Read more

Dabur India SWOT Analysis and Marketing Mix

Dabur India SWOT Analysis and Marketing Mix

Most of us can recall the famous ‘Hajmola Sir’ ad and that of Dabur Chyawanprash. For years, Dabur has remained the hallmark of good health for Indians. Years of marketing and television advertising combined with its brand image made it a familiar Indian name. Dabur, which was founded in 1884 has grown to become one of the foremost names in Ayurveda. It has acquired some other important brands including Fem care pharma during the course.

It achieved international expansion through strategic partnerships with key foreign brands. Dabur has continued on its growth spree and is aiming to acquire several more foreign brands to improve its presence there. Acquiring these brands can leverage its growth in the foreign markets since the government regulations are stricter there. Dabur had crossed the billion dollar turnover mark only in 2012. However, the Indian market has seen increased competition in the herbal products sector. Several other brands are competing with Dabur for market share including Zandu, Baidyanath, and Patanjali. Dabur should rather quicken its process of foreign acquisitions to tap the large customer base available overseas.

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Starbucks SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis of Starbucks Corporation 2016 with infographics  Go to STARBUCKS SWOT ANALYSIS 2021: Background: Starbucks (NYSE: SBUX) is the biggest Coffeehouse chain in the world based on its number of operating stores. It had 22,557 stores operating in the year 2015 . Its closest competitor is McCafe with 5044 stores open in 2015. However, Starbucks is not … Read more

Coca Cola SWOT 2016 (Strengths and weaknesses)

COCA COLA SWOT ANALYSIS (2016) with infographics


Coca Cola SWOT (Introduction) – Coca Cola (NYSE:KO), the beverage giant is a global brand with a strong brand image. The iconic Coca Cola logo and its popular drinks are a familiar scene in every part of the world. Despite the heavy competition from Pepsi, it has sustained its position as the leading beverage brand. Its diverse product portfolio and distinct marketing strategy have made it an industry leader. For years, its products have enjoyed high popularity for their unique flavors. However, the recent global financial turmoil and a strengthening dollar affected its profits. Another major challenge facing Coca Cola is  the changing consumers’ preferences.  More and more customers are adopting healthier drinks in place of Soda. Coca Cola recently adopted some strategic changes, adding more low calorie products to its portfolio. It seems bullish about the year ahead and is ready to take the challenge. This year, Coca Cola ranks at the 62nd position on the Fortune 500 list, 18 ranks below Pepsico. Its closest rival is at the 44th rank.

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Nike SWOT analysis 2016

A SWOT analysis of Nike


(Introduction): Nike, the number 1 sports shoe brand, excels in style and quality. It has continued to amaze the customers with its stylish and athletic designs. Nike is the largest maker of athletic apparel and gear. The year 2015 proved to be quite a profitable year for it. Its sales went up from $27.8 billion to $30.6 billion. The brand was founded in 1964 and renamed Nike in 1973. Its ‘Just Do it’ Slogan and the ‘Swoosh’ logo are a part of its identity and set it apart as a distinct brand. The company has a record of signing best athletes for its endorsements. After a profitable 2015, the brand is bullish about its future growth. Globally, a shift towards athleisure has brought excellent business opportunities for it . This year it rose from 106 to 91 on the fortune 500 list.

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TOYOTA Motors SWOT Analysis (2016)

TOYOTA Motors SWOT Analysis (2016).

CEO: Akio Toyoda

– Number of Employees: 348,000

– Competitors: Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, GMC, Maruti, Chevrolet, Honda, Volkswagen

 Japanese motor giant Toyota was not off to a very god start in 2016.  Faulty airbags and product recalls hurt it deeply. Its US revenues fell during the first half of the year. However, the brand’s spirit is not hurt. Apart from these fluctuations, Toyota has remained strong. It is because of its brand size, global presence and heavy focus on R&D. The brand has gained a unique identity and position in the industry. Toyota Prius’ sales were mainly hit by the falling gas prices. Simultaneously, Tesla motors is set to release its own affordable version of electric cars. This can be expected to increase the competition for Toyota Prius.
The good news is that Toyota is making heavy investments in self-driving technology like some of its rivals. It wants its driverless cars to be on the roads by 2020. So, overall Toyota seems to be in a  mood to aggressively chase the number 1 manufacturer’s position. A SWOT of Toyota reveals a strong brand with an established brand image. Toyota is a strong brand. For years, customers have loved its style and technology. However, there have been small setbacks down the course of time.

Costco SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis of Costco Wholesale 2016. Background: Costco (NASDAQ: COST) is one of the US’ leading three retailers and the largest membership warehouse chain in the world. The brand is well known for its unconventional business model. The America based wholesale company was founded in the year 1983 by James Sinegal and Jeffery Brotman … Read more

WAL-MART: Rising competition from Amazon and Costco.

WAL-MART SWOT Analysis – 2016 Presented here is a SWOT analysis of Walmart (NYSE: WMT). Fortune 500 rank – 1 CEO:  C. Douglas McMillon Number of Employees: 2,300,000 Competitors: Costco, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Ebay [Check Fresh Stats on Walmart for 2018] Go to [SWOT ANALYSIS OF WALMART 2018] Wal-Mart’s business approach has … Read more

Microsoft Corporation SWOT Analysis (2016)

Microsoft SWOT Analysis (2016)

CEO: Satya Nadella

Ranked No: 25 on Fortune 500 list (2016)
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) performed strongly under the leadership of Bill gates  for years. However, the rise of rivals like Apple and Google shrunk its market share. Still, in some areas Microsoft continues to rule the market. Its recent acquisition of Nokia nearly failed. The performance of Bing and Internet explorer is also not as good as their competitors. Microsoft Office however, is still the most widely used office software as is the Windows OS. Microsoft still has some superhit products in its portfolio. A detailed SWOT analysis of the Microsoft company is presented below:

APPLE SWOT Analysis (2016)

Apple SWOT Analysis 2016.  A SWOT analysis of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) reflects its strong position as the market leader in several product areas. Continuously, Apple has excelled on the basis of quality and innovation. In terms of quality and technology, Apple remains unbeaten year after year. However, the competitive pressure from the mid level brands might … Read more