SONY Corporation Purpose and Values

SONY is famous worldwide as a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, smartphones and a leading player in the music and cinema industry. The company makes, markets, and sells a diverse portfolio of products and services, including gaming products like the Play Station and related software. Founded in 1946, SONY is a global brand with its … Read more


Hewlett Packard is a leading brand of laptops, desktops, and peripherals. The company has experienced faster growth since its separation from HPE. However, the company’s sales were affected negatively during the pandemic and the worldwide lockdowns that followed. HP is the second-largest global PC brand after Lenovo. It is also the largest PC brand in … Read more

Business Growth Strategy of Facebook: A case study

Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) astronomical growth as a social media network is nothing less than amazing. The company has seen its user base grow enormously over the past seven to eight years. Several factors drove the stellar rise of Facebook, but its popularity as the leading social media network was mainly due to its highly engaging … Read more

VRIO Analysis of Google

The resources and capabilities of a company are its drivers of competitive advantage. Nearly everything a business owns can be classified as a resource or capability. By understanding the resources and capabilities of different enterprises, one can understand why operational performance varies from one business to another. To achieve a source of sustainable competitive advantage, … Read more

The Significance of Microsoft Closing its Physical stores

Microsoft’s Decision to Close All Physical Stores Microsoft has announced that it is going to close all its physical stores and instead of offering its customers an omnichannel shopping experience, the company will use its online sales channel only for direct sales to customers. The role of physical stores in the sales strategy of Microsoft … Read more