What You Need To Know To Market Your Business More Effectively

Running a business can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, it can come along with its share of challenges, as well. This can be especially true if you are looking for ways to run your business more effectively or take your marketing strategies to the next level. While trying to accomplish these things may … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing to Grow your Business

Video Marketing is trending. While you are doing your research on which marketing techniques to use, you may have noticed that businesses are already making and sharing videos online. For many businesses, videos are the core part of their digital marketing strategy. Whether you are a small-sized start-up or a large company, video marketing is … Read more

How To Upgrade Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. With new technology constantly emerging, it’s essential to always be up to date with how to market to your audience in the best way you can. Here are a few ways you can up your digital marketing game through things like market research tools, social media, and networking. Find … Read more

Marketing Mix of Kia Motors

Kia Motors is a leading brand of automobiles based in Seoul, South Korea. The company is owned one-third by Hyundai Motors, another South Korean automobile giant. In 2019 and 2020, the company experienced swift growth in the Indian market driven by the growth in sales of its SUVs and a higher focus on product quality … Read more

Difference between the Millennials and Gen Z in terms of marketing and consumer behavior

For marketers, one crucial step in marketing is defining their target audience or customer demographics. Understanding your audience is critical to creating great marketing strategies and winning amid a high competition level in the global market. The demographic composition of the global population has changed a lot. In the US, too, demographic changes have required … Read more

Rational and emotional appeals in advertising

Marketers use various methods to affect the consumers’ purchasing behavior. Advertising is one of the most common methods used to grow customer base and drive higher sales by persuading customers to buy from a specific brand. How good a job an advert does at attracting people depends on some unique factors. While some adverts are … Read more

Digital Marketing Ideas for the Real Estate Industry

The real estate market has grown fiercely competitive. Real estate companies, agents, and marketers depends can be successful only if they market their products and services the right way. It is the era of digital marketing and social media. People search for properties and property rates online. Real estate companies and agents need to develop … Read more

Small Business Marketing: Managing the Balance

The marketing department in a small business is usually a one-person show. All of the marketing responsibilities rest on the shoulders of one person and that can be overwhelming for obvious reasons.  As a small business marketer, you’re tasked with creating a work-life balance that’s indicative of a healthy physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Managing … Read more

BCG Matrix of SONY Corporation

SONY corporation is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, gaming products, music, and movies. The company has a highly diversified product portfolio including a large range of products catering to diverse customer segments’ needs. The company has introduced many innovative products and technologies during its history; some of them the world’s first. Over time, the … Read more

Global Marketing Strategies of Lego

This article aims to highlight the global strategies used by the Lego Group for market entry and expansion. It provides a detailed overview of Lego’s global strategies through the help of BCG Matrix, VRIO Analysis, external environment analysis, and a brief marketing mix of the company. The article also highlights the marketing strategies employed by … Read more

How to Build a Sales & Marketing Funnel to Increase Sales Conversions

B2B companies, big or small, often do not have a structured sales & marketing funnel which helps with prospecting, lead generation, qualifying, and building their sales pipeline. They usually approach this key step in their sales process blindly and are disappointed when they get inconsistent results. With the correct structured sales & marketing funnel that … Read more

How To Make Online Marketing Your Business’s New Best Friend

Organizations have spent the past few years preparing for a digital marketplace. Even so, few businesses envisioned that market forces and a global health crisis would force most of them to find ways to go fully virtual in 2020. With even more people turning to online solutions for their problems, businesses have never had a … Read more

How To Market Your Small Business Successfully

There are a lot of areas of building a strong small business that can be tricky, and learning to market successfully is one of them. Not only is marketing important in general, but it is particularly so when your business is small or new, and you are trying to create a solid customer base. While … Read more

Differences Between B2B and B2C Marketing

There are two categories of marketing in business, and you’ll fall into one or both of them: B2B and B2C. These terms stand for ‘business-to-business’ and ‘business-to-consumer,’ respectively. B2B refers to companies creating and selling products or services to other companies. It entails wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, developers, and suppliers. Here, businesses deal with raw materials, … Read more

Making Pro and DIY Videos Remotely During Social Distancing

Advances in technology and the need to communicate without in-person contact converged in 2020, making video a more essential vehicle than ever for personal and business uses. Even before COVID-19, the video was established as a powerful tool used for a wide range of marketing and internal communication applications. From product demonstrations and webinars to … Read more

Marketing Trends of the 2010s

As the decade comes to a close, it is vital to examine the rise of marketing trends, and how effective they have been for businesses at attracting new customers or expanding their reach. The internet, paired with the exponential increase in technology, has served as a huge platform for the rapid e-commerce environment. Here is … Read more

7 Ps in the marketing mix of Flipkart

A brief introduction to Flipkart ( Indian e-commerce website) Flipkart is an Indian E-commerce website that was launched in 2007 by two IIT alumnus named Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, who formerly worked for the international e-commerce brand Amazon. Like Amazon, Flipkart also started with selling books and slowly expanded the line of products sold … Read more

How To Attract New Customers And Elevate Your Business

The foundation of your marketing strategy lies in your ability to identify demographics that fit your target audience and to turn those audiences into paying customers. Simply put, you will always struggle to elevate your business if you cannot attract new customers to your business. However, this vital marketing operation is not always a smooth … Read more

What is VRIO Analysis?

Resources and capabilities are drivers of competitive advantage for businesses. The business industry has grown highly competitive in the 21st century driven by technological advancement as well as increased economic activity, the rise of the middle class, and the growing buying power of the customers worldwide. While all these factors have kept intensifying the level … Read more

The Kroger Company Marketing Mix.

Founded in 1883 and incorporated in 1902, the Kroger Company is among the leading retail brands in the world. Kroger operates 2,757 supermarkets under various banners in 35 States of the US as well as the District of Columbia. Of all the supermarkets that Kroger operates 2,270 have pharmacies and 1,567 have fuel centers. The … Read more

5 Effective Strategies For Improving Brand Awareness

Pexels When your beard overgrows, do you ask for Gillette or a razor? When you visit a fast-food restaurant for a drink, do you order a Coke or cola? What about when you accidentally cut yourself in the kitchen? Do you look for Band-Aid or a plastic bandage? We refer to these terms as proprietary … Read more

Harms of Advertising for consumers and society

Advertising is generally seen as a business activity whose focus is to churn demand in favor of the business. While a large number of companies and even some of those that are leaders in their industries invest in advertising for creating demand and maintaining sales, some companies choose to market themselves in other possible ways … Read more

Benefits of advertising for businesses and customers.

Advertising is commonly seen as a business activity aimed at demand creation. However, there are several more benefits of advertising for businesses, customers, and society. Every day people come across hundreds of ads while commuting, while sitting before the television, when searching online, and while shopping. Most of these ads are laid by businesses to … Read more

AT&T Marketing Mix

AT&T is among the leading telecommunications companies based in the United States. In the last few years, the company has made some strategic investments based on the changing market dynamics and consumer demographic changes which have started bearing results. However, the business of AT&T is not limited just to the United States but also spans … Read more

Brand Management in Tech Companies

Running a tech company is a difficult task. It’s not like manufacturing shoes where the business hasn’t changed in the last 100 years. Technology changes every day, and people working in some of these industries must keep themselves up to date at all times. Brand management is challenging for everyone working in the tech industry. … Read more

5C Analysis of Walmart

Walmart is the largest retail brand based in the US that has enjoyed enormous growth during recent years driven by a growing international footprint and increased focus on e-commerce and customer service. As a leading retail brand, Walmart’s competitive advantage has been attributed to its EDLP pricing strategy which has remained the primary driver of … Read more