Ford Motors Marketing Mix

Ford Motors Marketing Mix – Product, Place, Price and Promotion Ford is among the most well-known and biggest automotive brands in the world. The brand is dedicated to a better future for the planet while also working for more safety of the passengers. It is a global brand selling in nearly all corners of the … Read more

Panasonic Marketing Mix

Panasonic Marketing Mix Panasonic Founder – Konosuke Matsushita. Brand Slogan – A Better Life, A Better World. Founded Year – 1918 in Osaka, Japan Introduction – Panasonic is a well known global consumer electronics company.  However, it also operates in three other divisions apart from consumer electronics including housing, automotive and B2B. The brand is … Read more

Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy of Axe

A Detailed look at the Marketing Mix of Axe and Its Marketing Strategy Axe Marketing Mix Unilever’s Axe is among the most well known men’s grooming brands of the world. It is among the best from the house of Unilever and enjoys high level of popularity and brand loyalty.  Axe sells in more than 90 … Read more

Marketing Mix of Australian Retail Brand Coles

Coles Marketing Mix Coles is one of the leading names in the Australian retail industry. It deals in a large range of products and services.  From fresh food to groceries, general merchandise, liquor and fuel, the brand deals in a large range of products. Apart from it the brand also deals in financial services. It … Read more

Marketing Mix of American Express

American Express Marketing Mix American Express Company, with its consolidated subsidiaries is a global financial services company which offers products, insights and experiences that are made to enrich people’s lives and to help businesses become successful. Its main products and services include charge and credit cards and travel related services that are offered to consumers … Read more

H&M Marketing Mix – 4P’s

            H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) Marketing Mix The fast fashion industry is growing fast and leading this industry are three names including Zara, Uniqlo and H&M.  The three brands have taken three different approaches but are still successful and particularly Zara and H&M are market leaders. However, H&M’s price and … Read more

Tesla Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PRODUCT PLACE PRICE PROMOTION TESLA MARKETING STRATEGY Tesla Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy Tesla is the maker of high performance and fully electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Apart from that the brand also installs, operates and maintains solar and energy storage products. It is known for its focus on sustainability. The brand … Read more

Sony Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

SONY MARKETING MIX: 4P’s Sony, a conglomerate based in Tokyo, Japan, has a diversified business portfolio made of electronics, gaming, entertainment products and financial services. It is a leading brand in electronics industry and also the fifth largest manufacturer of televisions, as of 2016. In several regards Sony has been the leader in its industry, … Read more

Microsoft Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix of Microsoft Microsoft was officially established in 1975 with Bill Gates as its CEO. Since then the company has redefined the way businesses operate in the modern world. Microsoft has played a major role in helping companies around the world achieve their full potential. It is ranked among the richest and most influential companies … Read more

Apple Marketing Mix: 4P’s

Marketing Mix of Apple (extended to 7Ps) Apple is a renowned technology brand, recognized globally for its focus upon technological innovation, a premium product line, and great marketing. The visionary leadership of Steve Jobs helped Apple establish itself as a market-leading technology brand. Now, under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple has seen faster growth … Read more

Dabur India SWOT Analysis and Marketing Mix

Dabur India SWOT Analysis and Marketing Mix

Most of us can recall the famous ‘Hajmola Sir’ ad and that of Dabur Chyawanprash. For years, Dabur has remained the hallmark of good health for Indians. Years of marketing and television advertising combined with its brand image made it a familiar Indian name. Dabur, which was founded in 1884 has grown to become one of the foremost names in Ayurveda. It has acquired some other important brands including Fem care pharma during the course.

It achieved international expansion through strategic partnerships with key foreign brands. Dabur has continued on its growth spree and is aiming to acquire several more foreign brands to improve its presence there. Acquiring these brands can leverage its growth in the foreign markets since the government regulations are stricter there. Dabur had crossed the billion dollar turnover mark only in 2012. However, the Indian market has seen increased competition in the herbal products sector. Several other brands are competing with Dabur for market share including Zandu, Baidyanath, and Patanjali. Dabur should rather quicken its process of foreign acquisitions to tap the large customer base available overseas.

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MARKETING MIX 4P’s – PRODUCT, PLACE, PRICE & PROMOTION Marketing is the most important part of any business’ operations. How you market your brand decides your fate in the market. All the aspects of marketing are not as visible. Some of them are behind the scenes. Being  successful in the market depends on how well … Read more