Some of The Most Common Challenges Faced by Human Resources Function in 21st Century

Most Common HR Challenges At The 21st Century Workplace HR is at the centre of business affairs in the 21st century. Businesses are doing their best to hire and retain the best talent. Without having skilled people onboard, it is difficult to achieve the organisational objectives. However, from hiring to retention and performance management, there … Read more

Why Goal Setting is Good for Employee Performance?

Effective Goal Setting for Employee Performance: SMART Goals The main goal of every business is all round success including financial success and a great brand image. However, all of this does not come without great employee performance. Employee performance remains critical to organisational performance. If the managers can ensure that the employees are performing at … Read more

Importance of Information Technology in HR Management

     Role of Information Technology in HR Management 21st century is an era of information technology where things are controlled and run by digital technology and computers. In the world of business management, IT’s role has kept growing bigger. Information Technology has brought both extra convenience and capability and so it has become irreplaceable. A … Read more

How to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged through Communication

How to Ensure Your Communication Process Keeps Your Remote Team Engaged (Guest Post by Rae Steinbach, Freelance editor of award winning 15Five Blog) In today’s connected environment, remote workers have become a regular feature of  business. They are an integral part of the 21st century workforce. For employers, remote employees allow them to build the … Read more

An Analysis of Costco’s Organizational Culture and Human Resource Management

Organizational culture at Costco and its Human Resource Management: An Analysis Costco’s phenomenal success has come from doing things in its own unique way. Even with a lot of competition in the retail industry, the brand has preserved its edge by building a unique culture. Culture is at the root of everything. The most successful … Read more

Sample Memo 2

Sample Memo: Human Resource Management To: John Smith, HR Executive From: Adam Smith, Assistant Manager, Human Resources Date: May 13, 2017 Subject: Staffing Issues Customer service is one of the very important areas of our business. However, it is being affected by staff shortage. Based on the reports from last two months, at least 40% … Read more

Sample Memo 1

Sample Memo : Internet Marketing of Brand and Products To: John Smith, Marketing Executive From: Adam Smith, Assistant Manager, Marketing. Date: May 13, 2017 Subject: Internet marketing Research and analysis shows that the marketing tools and methods our company utilizes for the promotion of its products and services need to be reassessed and changed. While … Read more

Role of leadership in change management

The Critical Role of Leadership During Organizational Change: How leaders should manage change. In the 21st century, change has become the rule of the business industry. Due to the fast changing business environment in this century, most organizations are under immense pressure over how to respond to these rapid changes. From economic to technological and demographic, … Read more

An Analysis of Google’s organizational culture

An analysis of Organizational Culture at Google There are three important things that are absolutely outstanding about Google’s culture. They are risk taking, innovation and employee friendliness. At Google, the employees are challenged to take risks. Its foundation was laid on innovation and creativity is built into the brand’s DNA. However, it is known not … Read more

An Analysis of Apple’s Organizational Culture

Apple’s Corporate Culture: An Analysis Apple has been known for a very high level of confidentiality and pressure since its initial days. In those days it was an effective strategy that produced mindblowing results. However, the pressure is an inseparable part of any technology company’s business. Even Google which is known for its employee-oriented culture … Read more

Techniques for reducing employee turnover rate

Employee Turnover: How to reduce

High employee turnover rates are a major problem across several organizations globally. So much is spent on recruitment and training and then the employees leave for reasons that may look inappropriate. Several times managers are in a fix over how to prevent it or reduce the churn rate since it hurts the bottom line. Retention programs are considered a solution but unless they are well designed, they can fail to achieve the desired purpose.   A high turnover rate means increased HR costs.

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Mission and Vision Statements of Under Armour: An Analysis

Mission and Vision Statements of Under Armour   Under Armour is a renowned maker of athletic gear. The brand was established in the year 1996 and since then it has expanded its presence globally. Outside US too, the brand has established a strong presence. The brand has had several partnerships with elite professional teams and … Read more

Google’s Human Resource Management Strategy

Google’s HRM: A Look at the Tech Giant’s Strategy, Policies and Practices. Human capital and its management has become more important than ever in the 21st century. However, very few are ‘good as Google‘ (Parent company – Alphabet) at managing people. Google has proved that it relies upon innovation in every aspect of its business, even … Read more

Feedback and coaching for employee performance

How can feedback and coaching be used for improving organizational performance? In an organizational context, feedback is the information given to a person or group for the purpose of performance management so that the group/person may adjust its performance or behavior in accordance.  It is provided to generate the desired results and to make people perform … Read more

How discrimination harms workplace productivity?

Discrimination and its effects on workplace harmony and job satisfaction EEOC has formed laws against discrimination. However, it is still far from being over from American workplaces. The fear of law works to an extent but it does not always provide the inspiration to act.  Fear several times fuels more discrimination. So, discrimination instead of getting … Read more

Increased Strategic Importance of Human Resource Management

HRM: Increasing Strategic Importance The image of HR as a strategically important function had started changing decades ago. Now, its importance in terms of organizational efficiency is more than established. Since organizations like Google proved that people could be a source of competitive advantage, focus has shifted towards deriving better value through improved HR practices and … Read more

Plan Before you Hire: Think Before You Jump

How important it is to plan the recruitment and selection process? Importance of recruitment planning Organizational success depends on having the right mix of human resources and that is true. Having the right people in your organization makes your organization efficient and productive. You want to have people that are effective at doing their jobs … Read more

Stressors at the Workplace

Most Common Causes of Stress at Workplace Stress is defined as a result of some external force acting upon an organism, structure or system with the ability to disrupt its equilibrium and cause strain. Such forces can be of several kinds including social, economic, physical or emotional which may require us to change. However, our … Read more

Increased Importance of Teamwork at Workplace

Why is teamwork important? How can it improve workplace productivity?   Teams have become central to organizational performance in the 21st century. Organizations themselves have taken the form of large teams composed of smaller ones. From marketing to HR, finance and sales departments, all of these are the smaller teams that  together make the bigger … Read more

HR Management at Amazon: Need for Employee Satisfaction

Both Microsoft and Amazon have been known for being ruthless at setting performance standards in past. The Rank and Yank system used by the two big employers was a big pain for their employees. However, with time pressure related to ethical and responsible management of HR has increased on both companies. The result was that both were forced … Read more

HR management at Coca Cola: Performance Management and Innovation

Most global companies have understood the importance of Human Resource management for acquiring success. Human resource management has become central to excellent performance. The more skilled and well managed a company’s staff is, the easier it is for the company to achieve strong performance and productivity. It is why the focus of businesses has remained … Read more

Applying Kotter’s Eight Step Change model to Business Issues

CONTENTS Introduction Establish sense of urgency Build the guiding team Get the vision right Communicate to gain buy in Empower action by removing obstacles Create short term wins Build on the change Make the change stick Applying Kotter’s Eight Step Model Change is the rule of  business. The global business environment is changing continuously and … Read more

Is your personal brand complex? Update it

A branding strategy for your personal brand In an age of brands, the thing we need to care about is our personal brand. In our daily lives, we come across several brands. From our shoes to cellphones, each one is from one of our favorite brands. Every brand follows a distinct business strategy. From personal to professional … Read more

Diversity at Apple: How the technology giant encourages diversity and inclusion?

Diversity and Inclusion: Apple’s Game changing HR policy   HR and HR policies both once used to be rooted in the backyard of strategy. The situation has changed in the new century. The last decade has been a very significant one in terms of HR related developments. Most of the megabrands have revamped their HR policies … Read more

Managing a multi-generational workforce

Managing a multi-generational workforce strategically In most companies, there are at least two to three generations of employees working together. Generational diversity has its benefits only if companies manage it strategically.  Ageing of the employees has brought several major changes to workforce dynamics. Apart from the changed composition of the workforce, there has arisen a need to … Read more

Situational Leadership Theories

Theories of leadership: Situational theory Trait theories focus on traits and the skills theories on skills. Situational leadership theories highlighted the importance of situation in the making of the leaders. According to the situational theories there are situations that give birth to leaders. These theories suggest that if leaders choose to act in a certain … Read more

Skills theory of leadership

Theories of leadership: Skills Theory Skills theory is somewhat similar to the behavioral theories of leadership. However, it focuses on skills rather than behavior. Again this theory sees leadership in terms of skills. Leadership is a skill that can be learnt. Leaders have specific skills that they use to lead their followers. It implies that … Read more

Behavioral Theories of Leadership

Behavioral theories of leadership:   The behavioral theories of leadership take a slightly different approach than the trait theories. The most important assumption underlying the behavioral theory is that  the leaders can be made. It tries to show that not all are not born leaders but there are particular behaviors that can be learnt to become … Read more

Trait Theory of Leadership

Theories of leadership: The trait theory   Leadership has remained a topic of research since long. Several theories of leadership have shed light on how someone becomes a leader. Several of them show what differentiates the leaders from the non-leaders. Leaders are always different from ordinary people. These theories try to show what differentiates the … Read more