Google’s Human Resource Management Strategy

Google’s HRM: A Look at the Tech Giant’s Strategy, Policies and Practices. Human capital and its management has become more important than ever in the 21st century. However, very few are ‘good as Google‘ (Parent company – Alphabet) at managing people. Google has proved that it relies upon innovation in every aspect of its business, even … Read more

Feedback and coaching for employee performance

How can feedback and coaching be used for improving organizational performance? In an organizational context, feedback is the information given to a person or group for the purpose of performance management so that the group/person may adjust its performance or behavior in accordance.  It is provided to generate the desired results and to make people perform … Read more

How discrimination harms workplace productivity?

Discrimination and its effects on workplace harmony and job satisfaction EEOC has formed laws against discrimination. However, it is still far from being over from American workplaces. The fear of law works to an extent but it does not always provide the inspiration to act.  Fear several times fuels more discrimination. So, discrimination instead of getting … Read more

Increased Strategic Importance of Human Resource Management

HRM: Increasing Strategic Importance The image of HR as a strategically important function had started changing decades ago. Now, its importance in terms of organizational efficiency is more than established. Since organizations like Google proved that people could be a source of competitive advantage, focus has shifted towards deriving better value through improved HR practices and … Read more

Stressors at the Workplace

Most Common Causes of Stress at Workplace Stress is defined as a result of some external force acting upon an organism, structure or system with the ability to disrupt its equilibrium and cause strain. Such forces can be of several kinds including social, economic, physical or emotional which may require us to change. However, our … Read more

HR Management at Amazon: Need for Employee Satisfaction

Both Microsoft and Amazon have been known for being ruthless at setting performance standards in past. The Rank and Yank system used by the two big employers was a big pain for their employees. However, with time pressure related to ethical and responsible management of HR has increased on both companies. The result was that both were forced … Read more

HR management at Coca Cola: Performance Management and Innovation

Most global companies have understood the importance of Human Resource management for acquiring success. Human resource management has become central to excellent performance. The more skilled and well managed a company’s staff is, the easier it is for the company to achieve strong performance and productivity. It is why the focus of businesses has remained … Read more

Managing a multi-generational workforce

Managing a multi-generational workforce strategically In most companies, there are at least two to three generations of employees working together. Generational diversity has its benefits only if companies manage it strategically.  Ageing of the employees has brought several major changes to workforce dynamics. Apart from the changed composition of the workforce, there has arisen a need to … Read more

Organizational Culture: An extended Discussion of Schein’s model

CONTENTS: THREE ELEMENTS OF CULTURE BY SCHEINSIX ELEMENTS OF CULTURE BY COLEMAN Components of Culture: Discussion based on Schein’s Model The importance of culture has been highlighted repeatedly by researchers and scholars. In terms of organization and organizational behavior, culture has acquired a special value. In the 21st century, the focus has shifted towards things … Read more