How to maximize job satisfaction?

Contents Steps to maximize job satisfaction Create an appropriate work environment Involve employees in decision making Employee training and career growth Improve your work culture Communicate with your employees regularly Recognize your employees’ contribution Care for your employees’ well being Focus on performance management Implement a system to measure job satisfaction A few last words … Read more

How is organizational culture linked with job satisfaction?

Organizational culture is linked with organizational performance. It is among the most critical drivers of worker productivity, research has highlighted. It plays an imminent role in driving faster growth for both small and large organizations. However, apart from the other factors, culture is known to play a distinctive role in maximizing worker satisfaction and strengthening … Read more

How micromanagement hurts worker productivity?

Micromanagement is identified as one of the leadership flaws that can hurt worker productivity. While it is generally easy for managers and leaders to cultivate the tendency, most do not care to measure the impact it has on worker morale and productivity.   There are very few workers who would claim they like being micromanaged. Most … Read more

Discuss the importance of employee empowerment and steps to empower employees.

Contents what is employee empowerment? Benefits of employee empowerment. How to empower your employees? What is employee empowerment? Human resource management has acquired critical importance for organizations in the 21st century. Companies are investing more in hiring and training their employees. The focus on managing employees strategically to motivate and retain them has increased. Employees … Read more

Navigating the Job Market During and After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down on many fronts.  Maybe your finances took a hit. Perhaps you lost your job and had to file for unemployment. Possibly your health was personally affected by the virus. According to a Pew Research Center survey published in September 2020, “25% of U.S. adults say they or someone in … Read more

6 Awesome Team Building Activities for the workplace

Team building doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity and goodwill from the leadership, any company can hold educational and enjoyable team building activities within the workplace without breaking the bank. After all, team building activities are, fundamentally, any social activities that help team members understand each other better, both at a personal … Read more

Essential Tips For Building Successful Virtual Sales Teams

Virtual sales teams are becoming increasingly popular among companies looking to diversify and to reach new markets without the expense of bricks and mortar offices. Virtual teams can offer quicker geographical growth and increased sales, whilst empowering team members with greater autonomy. Hiring and growing a virtual sales team needs some careful consideration.  Setup Your … Read more

5 Steps To Avoid The High Cost Of Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a concern that burdens every organization with headaches.  When workers leave, your business incurs a high cost. It’s time-consuming and costly to find, train, and equip a replacement with relevant skills. That’s why it’s wise for organizations to keep their turnover as low as possible. Although there’s no magic bullet for employee … Read more

10 Apps To Monitor Your Employees’ Performance

Searching for convenient and innovative means to ensure maximum output and performance of employees can prove to be a bottleneck, but this article is aimed at lightening your task. The apps evaluated here will give the employer insight on staff activities by providing information regarding what they do during working hours. This allows them better … Read more

5 Biggest Challenges Of A Remote Onboarding Process

Remote work is a powerful tool. It’s an opportunity for employees to achieve better work/life balance, avoiding the exhausting commute, and the traveling costs of going to work.  This modern workstyle is also an excellent thing for businesses who want to reduce office overheads and access a wider talent pool. 50% of the workforce will … Read more

Improving Company and Employee Safety

In 2018, there were 5,250 fatal work injuries in the United States along with 2.8 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses. As an employer, you want your employees to feel safe coming to work and to stay safe on the job. As a business owner, you want your customers to feel safe shopping with you.  What … Read more

How to write a good job description.

A good job description is critical to hiring the right people for your organization. It has a direct impact on the success of hirings and retention rates. If you can find the right match for each job or simply put the right people in all the positions, the productivity of your company will be higher … Read more

Benefits of Workforce diversity for businesses.

In recent years, the emphasis on diversity in terms of human resource management has grown a lot. As more and more benefits of diversity have come to light, companies are focusing on hiring and managing a more diverse workforce. Diversity means the ways in which people are similar or different. Demographic diversity and managing it … Read more

Main Responsibilities of Human Resource Department

What are the main responsibilities of the Human Resources function in an organization? The human resources function now plays a more critical role for businesses than a few decades ago. The rising importance of the HR function is mainly due to the reason that organizations have understood the value of employees and their contribution to … Read more

Recruitment at Amazon: How does amazon hire?

Content Introduction What Amazon looks for in new hires Getting Interviewed at Amazon Phone Interviews at Amazon In person Interviews at Amazon Technical Interviews at Amazon Role of bar raisers in hiring Leadership principles at Amazon & their role in hiring Conclusion Introduction A job at one of the top ten technology businesses is the … Read more

Why invest in Applicant Tracking System

10 Features That Make an ATS a Lucrative Investment This is a guest post by Kelly Barcelos. Every talent management department needs one important tool —an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It makes the recruitment process easy and helps you bring in the best candidates to work with. Investing in this must-have recruitment tool will benefit … Read more

Human Resource Management at Ford Motors

Ford Motors Human Resource Management People and culture have remained a central focus at Ford Motors right since the time of Alan Mullally. He was a charismatic leader who turned the company around during the most tumultuous times. Ford has also proved that the power of a business is its people. The 21st century is … Read more

HRM & Organizational Culture at Adidas

Human Resource Management and Organisational Culture at Adidas Group Adidas is a leading name in the sports shoe industry and while this industry has grown at a fast rate during the recent years, it is also known for intense competition. As a result,  brands are investing in multiple areas to overcome the competitive pressure from … Read more

HR Management at Facebook: Amazing Benefits for Amazing Talents

Human Resource Management at Facebook: Passion Lies in the People The world of technology is just as competitive as it is innovative. Inside those tech companies, work pressure is generally high and so HR needs to be innovative and smart in its approach. You all have heard of the brutal environment inside Microsoft, Amazon and … Read more

Some of The Most Common Challenges Faced by Human Resources Function in 21st Century

Most Common HR Challenges At The 21st Century Workplace HR is at the centre of business affairs in the 21st century. Businesses are doing their best to hire and retain the best talent. Without having skilled people onboard, it is difficult to achieve the organisational objectives. However, from hiring to retention and performance management, there … Read more

Why Goal Setting is Good for Employee Performance?

Effective Goal Setting for Employee Performance: SMART Goals The main goal of every business is all round success including financial success and a great brand image. However, all of this does not come without great employee performance. Employee performance remains critical to organisational performance. If the managers can ensure that the employees are performing at … Read more

Importance of Information Technology in HR Management

     Role of Information Technology in HR Management 21st century is an era of information technology where things are controlled and run by digital technology and computers. In the world of business management, IT’s role has kept growing bigger. Information Technology has brought both extra convenience and capability and so it has become irreplaceable. A … Read more

How to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged through Communication

How to Ensure Your Communication Process Keeps Your Remote Team Engaged (Guest Post by Rae Steinbach, Freelance editor of award winning 15Five Blog) In today’s connected environment, remote workers have become a regular feature of  business. They are an integral part of the 21st century workforce. For employers, remote employees allow them to build the … Read more

An Analysis of Costco’s Organizational Culture and Human Resource Management

Organizational culture at Costco and its Human Resource Management: An Analysis Costco’s phenomenal success has come from doing things in its own unique way. Even with a lot of competition in the retail industry, the brand has preserved its edge by building a unique culture. Culture is at the root of everything. The most successful … Read more

Role of leadership in change management

The Critical Role of Leadership During Organizational Change: How leaders should manage change. In the 21st century, change has become the rule of the business industry. Due to the fast changing business environment in this century, most organizations are under immense pressure over how to respond to these rapid changes. From economic to technological and demographic, … Read more

An Analysis of Google’s organizational culture

An analysis of Organizational Culture at Google There are three important things that are absolutely outstanding about Google’s culture. They are risk taking, innovation and employee friendliness. At Google, the employees are challenged to take risks. Its foundation was laid on innovation and creativity is built into the brand’s DNA. However, it is known not … Read more

An Analysis of Apple’s Organizational Culture

Apple’s Corporate Culture: An Analysis Apple has been known for a very high level of confidentiality and pressure since its initial days. In those days it was an effective strategy that produced mindblowing results. However, the pressure is an inseparable part of any technology company’s business. Even Google which is known for its employee-oriented culture … Read more

Techniques for reducing employee turnover rate

Employee Turnover: How to reduce

High employee turnover rates are a major problem across several organizations globally. So much is spent on recruitment and training and then the employees leave for reasons that may look inappropriate. Several times managers are in a fix over how to prevent it or reduce the churn rate since it hurts the bottom line. Retention programs are considered a solution but unless they are well designed, they can fail to achieve the desired purpose.   A high turnover rate means increased HR costs.

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