The Yellow Wallpaper: Summary and Analysis

The Yellow Wallpaper: Painful Reflections of a Captive, Depressed Woman The Yellow Wallpaper may seem somewhat clumsy at the first reading but hits hard at social conventions. The richness of the narrative lies in the depth at which it touches the issue of oppression of the females. Through the trauma of a woman, who notes it … Read more

Big Two Hearted River: Nick’s Rejuvenation

Big Two Hearted River by Earnest Hemmingway: Nick’s Rejuvenation War is a terrible thing and leaves behind horrible marks. Nick returns from World War 1 to find Seney, Michigan ravaged by it. Without clearly referring to his ordeals in the war, Hemmingway presents a scene which indicates that the war has just been over. Nick seems … Read more

Heathcliff’s character from Wuthering Heights

The Character of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights  Wuthering Heights is a notable work by Emily Bronte. Despite being a tragic and dark novel, it is full of engaging characters. The central character in Wuthering Heights is Heathcliff, the orphan whom Catherine’s father brought from Liverpool.   Heathcliff is an innocent kid who has lived a difficult life … Read more

The Character of Othello in Shakespeare’s drama

A Character Analysis of Othello (Moor of Venice) ‘Othello’, one of the most tragic dramas written by Shakespeare has Othello the Moore as its protagonist. He is a courageous  general with several wins on the battlefield to his credit. He loves Desdemona deeply and holds strong influence in the political circles. However, future has some … Read more

Is Iago really a demi-devil?

The Character of Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello   The antagonist in Shakespeare’s Othello is a demi-devil; unequalled in malice, proficient at con and dexterous at manipulation. He is a master of deceit and a servant of the devil. As his name suggests, he has a large ego. Throughout the play, he troubles others using his vicious techniques. … Read more