Summary and Analysis of George Orwell’s Why I Write

Why do authors write? What is their purpose behind writing? Do they want recognition, money or something else? Is there anything common among writers? Orwell answers such several questions about writers and reading that boggle readers’ minds in his ‘Why I Write’. Starting from his early childhood to the time he became a mature writer, … Read more

Orwell’s Shooting an elephant: Summary, Analysis & Essay Questions

‘Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell : Summary & Analysis’ Shooting an Elephant presents an account of George Orwell’s, (original name Eric Arthur Blair) life in Burma where he was posted as a subdivisional police officer of the British Imperial Police Force. The environment of Burma had an impact on Orwell and his works. It … Read more

Summary and analysis of Orwell’s You and the atomic bomb

George Orwell’s You and The Atomic Bomb: Summary & Analysis While many people have written about the Atomic Bomb and its effects on world peace and unity, Orwell’s essay tackles the subject from a different angle. The essay is sarcastic as well as analytical and highlights some serious issues related to the possession of an … Read more