Adidas Five Forces Analysis

  Five Forces Analysis of Adidas Adidas is one of the leading names in the sports shoes and apparel industry. Apart from making sports shoes and apparel, it makes sports accessories too.  During recent years, the brand has seen somewhat faster growth which has mainly resulted from its renewed focus on marketing. Despite stiff competition from … Read more

Fashion Industry Five Forces

Five Forces Analysis of Fashion Retail Industry The fashion retail landscape has grown highly competitive in the 21st century. While there are a large number of brands, several of  them provide relatively similar products. The market has grown densely populated with fashion brands and still new brands can enter the market with new concepts. There … Read more

Lowe’s Five Forces Analysis

Lowe’s Five Forces Analysis Lowe’s is one of the well-known brands in the home improvement industry. Its primary competitor is Home Depot. In the home improvement industry, most brands sell products that are generally undifferentiated. In terms of quality and price products sold by one brand are similar to those sold by the other. It … Read more

Five Forces Analysis of Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry Five Forces Analysis The attractiveness of any industry is affected by several forces. In the 21st century, the aviation industry has kept growing in popularity and demand. Apart from a fast growing world economy, there are several forces that have affected its growth. It is a lucrative industry. However, several forces decide the … Read more

Ebay Five Forces Analysis

Five Forces Analysis of Ebay E-bay is one of the most recognized brand names in the field of e-retail.  While compared to Amazon, it has seen less growth, the brand has still maintained an impressive presence in the e-retail business. In the recent years, E-bay seems to have geared up to challenge Amazon. It has … Read more

Target Five Forces Analysis

Target Five Forces Analysis The retail landscape of US has grown highly competitive. There are several US and non-US brands that are competing for market share. Target is one of the best known retailers in US which faces tough competition from Walmart and Costco.  Amazon as the biggest e-retailer also poses a strong threat to … Read more

Lenovo Five Forces

A Five Forces Analysis of Lenovo Lenovo was originally known as Beijing Legend computers and was officially renamed as Lenovo at the time of its incorporation in 1988. In a very short period of time, it has registered several critical achievements based on a smarter strategy. One of its most critical achievements was the acquisition … Read more

Disney Five Forces Analysis

Five Forces Analysis of Disney Five Forces analysis of Walt Disney Company Disney is among the largest media and entertainment companies of the world. However, apart from that  it is also a familiar name across the globe that has acquired immense popularity and  particularly among the kids. The entire Disney experience is a unique experience in … Read more

Automotive Industry Five Forces Analysis

A Five Forces Analysis of the Automotive Industry The great recession had hurt the revenues and profitability of automobile manufacturers deeply. Some of the most well known brands had reached the verge of bankruptcy. Had not the government intervened, it would have been quite difficult for these brands to survive. However, now that the recession … Read more

Under Armour Five Forces Analysis

Five Forces Analysis of Under Armour Under Armour is a leading brand of athletic gear. Since its foundation, the brand has brought so many innovative products targeted at the sports market. The brand has continued to expand its international  footprint. It has built an impressive presence over these years even outside US. Its main competitors … Read more

Porter’s Five Forces analysis of Hewlett Packard (HP)

Porter’s Five Forces analysis of Hewlett Packard (HP) Market dynamics have changed fast in the PC world during the last few years. The PC brands have responded to the fresh changes with product innovation and competitive pricing. However, the future of PC seems uncertain.  The rise of mobile technology and growing demand of smartphones with … Read more

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Pepsi

Pepsi Five Forces Analysis Pepsi and Coca Cola are the leading brands in the soda industry. However, the soda industry has felt the chill during the last few years. Apart from the sweeping health consciousness, there are other factors too that are affecting its profitability. Pepsi had a bad 2015 and things do not seem … Read more

Coca Cola Five Forces Analysis

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Coca Cola Porter’s five forces model, named after its developer Michael E Porter, is a strategic analysis tool that helps to analyse some critical forces affecting the level of competition in an industry. This model has acquired great popularity and fame over time and is used widely across the business world for … Read more

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. Five Forces Analysis Porter’s Five Forces model is an analytical tool that was named after its developer Michael E porter. Porter developed this model in 1980 and since then it has come to be widely used to analyse the profitability and attractiveness of industries. The focus of the model is on five important … Read more

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Dell Computers

Dell Computers Five Forces analysis: The entire PC and Laptop industry has been on a downward spiral during last four to five years. Dell is one of the major players in the PC industry and it has also felt the bite. Dell is known for its innovative technology, excellent supply chain management and for its direct … Read more

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Starbucks

Starbucks Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: Competition in the Coffee Industry Porter’s  Five  Forces model is a simple and yet effective tool used for analyzing the level  of competition in an industry. It helps to analyze how the business itself is positioned relative to its competition and its competitive strength. The tool was named after Michael E Porter … Read more

Ford motors Five Forces Analysis

 Porter’s ‘Five Forces’ Analysis of Ford Motors

The automotives industry is marked by intense competition. Here, any brand must focus on innovation to retain its market share.  Over the last few years, Ford has performed excellently in this area.  Its revival has been based on excellent leadership and technological innovation. The credit of its renovation goes to Mulally’s leadership. He led the company through difficult times. His One Ford plan successfully reversed the fortunes of the motors giant.

Since then, the automotive brand has not looked backwards. The one Ford plan was a focused effort. It synchronized the efforts and performance of the brand globally. Since then, Ford has performed quite well against rival brands. Mulally brought out the hidden technological talent inside Ford. During the process, the company underwent a profound cultural change. Now, the motors giant aims to grab the leadership position in the industry.

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