Vodafone Vision Statement: an analysis

Vodafone is a leading telecom brand of the world. It has maintained strong presence in the Asian and European markets. The company has also achieved fast growth in its customer base in India. Due to the growing competition in the telecom industry, it has made some significant changes to its business and marketing strategies in … Read moreVodafone Vision Statement: an analysis

Microsoft CSR and Sustainability

Microsoft is a leading technology brand founded by Bill Gates. The current CEO of the company is Satya Nadella. Apart from various other things including innovation, Bill Gates and company are known for their philanthropic activities. In the recent years several things have changed inside Microsoft and Nadella has been able to bring things into … Read moreMicrosoft CSR and Sustainability

Boeing Mission statement

Boeing is the largest player in the aerospace industry. It is leading the aerospace industry through technological innovation. The company has brought a large range of commercial airplanes and military aircraft. The mission and vision statement of Boeing is as follows :- “Over the past century, generations of talented Boeing employees helped build the world’s … Read moreBoeing Mission statement

Innovation at Hyundai: Technology Inside Hyundai’s Ecofriendly cars

Hyundai is one of the leading automakers of the world. In the recent years, while the demand for ecofriendly cars has increased, several automakers have released hybrid and fully electric versions to match customer demand. Hyundai is an innovative brand and aspires to become a leader in ecofriendly vehicle segment. By 2020 it aspires to … Read moreInnovation at Hyundai: Technology Inside Hyundai’s Ecofriendly cars

A Brief look at Vodafone’s Business Strategy

Introduction: Vodafone is a leading international telecommunication brand with operations in 25 countries and global roaming coverage. The company has acquired sharp growth its number of mobile customers in Asia pacific region during the recent years. Vodafone’s growth is a result of consistent focus upon product/services quality, customer service as well as innovation. The headquarters … Read moreA Brief look at Vodafone’s Business Strategy