McDonalds Sources of Competitive Advantage

CONTENTS Introduction Global Presence Product range and quality Brand equity Customer loyalty Supply chain Marketing Customer Service Conclusion Sources of Competitive Advantage for McDonalds (Global fast food chain) INTRODUCTION :- McDonald’s is a famous fast food brand with operations around the world in more than 100 countries. It is both popular and successful as a … Read moreMcDonalds Sources of Competitive Advantage

Inditex Revenue by Brand

Inditex Revenue by brand 2007-2017 The following tables show the revenue of Inditex by each brand from 2007-2017. Sums are in million Euros. ZARA is the largest brand in Inditex’s portfolio. It accounts for the largest part of entire revenue of Inditex (around 65%).  In 2017, ZARA’s revenue reached 16.6 Billion dollars rising from 15.4 … Read moreInditex Revenue by Brand

Inditex personnel Costs

Personnel Costs of Inditex 2006-2017 Check out how much Inditex spends on wages, salaries, pension and other employment related expenses from the following table. This table includes the personnel costs of Inditex from 2006 to 2017 in Million Euros. INDITEX 2017: Apart from being the leading fashion brand of the world, Inditex is also a … Read moreInditex personnel Costs

Inditex Number of Employees

Number of Employees at Inditex 1996-2017 The following table shows the number of employees working for Inditex from 1996-2017. INDITEX 2017: Inditex has expanded fast in the recent years through both online and physical channels. It is headquartered at Arteixo, A Coruña, Spain. The company is selling in 96 markets through its several brands. Its flagship … Read moreInditex Number of Employees

INDITEX number of stores

Number of Inditex Stores Worldwide 1996-2018 The following table shows the number of Inditex stores globally from 1996 to 2017. It includes both the company owned and the franchised stores. Inditex has seen a lot of growth and expansion internationally in the recent years. Apart from physical retail stores, it has also introduced e-commerce in … Read moreINDITEX number of stores

Inditex Revenue

Inditex Revenue 2001-2017 (in Billion Euros)   The following table shows the revenue of Inditex, the parent company of ZARA from 2001-2017 in Billion Euros. Inditex has seen rapid rise in revenue during the recent years driven by sales growth from online channels as well as rapid global expansion.  Its revenue reached 25.3 Billion Euros … Read moreInditex Revenue