BMW Research & Development Expenditure

Research and Development Expenses of BMW


The table below shows the amount BMW spent n research and Development from 2007 to 2017 in million Euros.

BMW Research & Development Expenses in Million Euros 2007-2017
Year R&D expenses in millions
2017 €        6,108 
2016 €        5,164 
2015 €        5,169 
2014 €        4,566 
2013 €        4,793 
2012 €        3,952 
2011 €        3,373 
2010 €        2,773 
2009 €        2,448 
2008 €        2,864 
2007 €        3,144 

Research and development expenses have become a critical investment in the automotive industry. It is because of the increased competition and the influx of new technologies in the 21st century. From autonomous driving to AI and other new technologies, brands are investing in every area to remain their customers’ favorite and to retain old as well as attract new customers.  BMW’s success strongly depends on its  consistent focus on the future. Its R&D investment was up significantly in 2017 nearly by 1 Billion over the previous years. In 2017 it invested 6108 million Euros in R&D compared to 5164 million Euros in 2016. BMW’s global research and innovation network spanned 16 locations in five countries. It employed 14047 people in R&D. However, BMW’s success also rests on its expertise in  engineering and innovation. Check out the table for the amounts it has continued to spend on R&D from 2007 to 2017 and how it has ket increasing its R&D investment which is now past 6 Billion Euros.


Data sourced from the annual reports of BMW available on its investors website.

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