Best Buy Operating Income

Operating Income of Best Buy 2003-2018 in million dollars

YearOperating Income (Million USD)
2018$ 1,843
2017$ 1,854
2016$ 1,375
2015$ 1,450
2014$ 1,144
2013$ 90
2012$ 2,126
2011$ 2216
2010$ 2,274
2009$ 2,014
2008$ 2,185
2007$ 1,999
2006$ 1,644
2005$ 1,442
2004$ 1,304
2003$ 1,010

Operating Income of Best Buy ( US retail brand) in 2018 was 1.84 Billion dollars.

Best Buy is a US-based retail brand that was incorporated in the State of Minnesota in 1966. Today, it is a leading provider of technology products, services, and solutions with retail operations in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

In both its domestic and international segments the company offers products in the following key categories: Consumer Electronics, Computing and
Mobile Phones, Entertainment, Appliances, Services and Others. The revenue of the brand was highest till date in 2009 at 44.7 Billion dollars. In 2018, Best Buy’s revenue was 42.2 Billion dollars. (BEST BUY Annual Reports.)

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