A Marketing Mix of The Kraft Heinz Company.

CONTENTS Product Place Price Promotion The Kraft Heinz company was formed in 2015 after a merger of Kraft Foods Group with Heinz.  Heinz was a wholly owned subsidiary of H J Heinz Holding corporation, which was renamed Kraft Heinz Foods company after the merger. Previously, Berkshire Hathway and 3G Global Food Holdings, LP controlled H … Read more

Chapter 2 (Book Two) 1984 Summary and Analysis.

A Brief Summary and Analysis of Chapter 2 (Book 2) of George Orwell’s 1984 In this chapter, Winston goes to the spot where he had promised to meet the girl. He reaches their earlier than the set time but soon she joins him. Julia is a talkative girl. Winston gets to know her name in … Read more

Positioning and branding a small business

Small businesses can often find it challenging to build a brand due to their limited resources and budgets. However, the industry is full of such examples where entrepreneurs started businesses from scratch, which later became powerhouse brands. There are several brands in the industry that essentially started as small businesses like Lego. Having started off … Read more

1984 Part Two Chapter One Summary and Analysis:

Brief Summary and Analysis of Chapter One 1984 (Part Two) This chapter marks a fresh turn in Winston’s life. Unexpectedly, he meets the dark haired girl in a corridor in the Ministry, four days later than they encountered each other the last time in the prole area. The girl had broken her wrist and her … Read more

Apple SWOT Analysis 2021

CONTENTS Apple Inc an introduction Apple Inc SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats A few last words Apple Inc: An Introduction With a market capitalization of around $2.5 Trillion, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is the largest company in the world. Known as one of the most innovative technology brands, Apple has experienced sharp growth over the … Read more

McDonald’s SWOT Analysis 2021

Contents McDonald’s: An Introduction Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Conclusion Leading strengths and weaknesses of McDonald’s: An Introduction: McDonald’s is the leading fast food chain globally based on net sales and its international footprint. It is the most valuable brand in the QSR industry. According to Statista, McDonald’s was the most valuable brand in the QSR … Read more

1984 Book One Chapter 8 – Summary and Analysis

A Brief Summary and Analysis of Chapter 8 from Part One of 1984 by George Orwell. In this chapter, Winston pays a second visit to the stationery store from where he had purchased his diary. It was actually an antique store where very few customers came. Winston decides to take a break from his monotonous … Read more

1984 Book One Chapter 7 – Summary and Analysis

Brief Summary and Analysis of Chapter 7 In chapter 7, Winston is thinking of the proles and how easily they could shake the party’s roots if they wanted. Being 85% of Oceania’s population, they could shake the party without even thinking. However, he also laments that these proles are just so occupied with petty issues … Read more

Importance of R&D for large tech

CONTENTS Why tech brands invest in R&D? How much did leading tech brands invest in R&D in 2020? Amazon Alphabet Huawei Microsoft Apple Samsung Facebook How R&D helps the tech industry grow? Why do the leading technology brands invest heavily in research and development? The technology industry worldwide is marked by fierce competition. Among the … Read more

Importance of R&D for Intel.

Contents Intel: An Introduction Why companies invest in research and development? Intel research and development: Key focus areas A few last words Intel: An Introduction Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is the largest chipmaker in the world that supplies computer chips to many original equipment manufacturers like HP, Dell, and several more. You must have seen the … Read more

Chapter 6 (Book One) of 1984: Summary & Analysis

Brief summary and analysis of chapter 6: The chapter 6 of the novel comes as a shock. The party’s approach to sex is medieval if not primitive. It is well known that the party is orthodox in its approach but when it comes to sex, it is worse. Sex is abominable and only since it … Read more

How to maximize job satisfaction?

Contents Steps to maximize job satisfaction Create an appropriate work environment Involve employees in decision making Employee training and career growth Improve your work culture Communicate with your employees regularly Recognize your employees’ contribution Care for your employees’ well being Focus on performance management Implement a system to measure job satisfaction A few last words … Read more

How is organizational culture linked with job satisfaction?

Organizational culture is linked with organizational performance. It is among the most critical drivers of worker productivity, research has highlighted. It plays an imminent role in driving faster growth for both small and large organizations. However, apart from the other factors, culture is known to play a distinctive role in maximizing worker satisfaction and strengthening … Read more

Important terms in George Orwell’s 1984

A list of terms used in George Orwell’s 1984 Telescreen:  The telescreen is a television-like device used by the party to watch party workers round the clock. The telescreens are everywhere from apartments to the party office and canteen. Once a physical training instructor instructs Winston directly from the telescreen which proves that people on … Read more

1984 Chapter 5 summary and analysis

Brief summary and analysis of Chapter 5 (Book One -1984). Chapter five is a significant chapter in Orwell’s 1984 since it marks an important turn in the plot. The entire chapter takes place inside the canteen which is a crowded room several levels below the ground. Winston takes a look at the world around him … Read more

1984 Book 1 Chapter 4 summary and analysis

Brief summary and analysis of Chapter four In the fourth chapter of his legendary book 1984, Orwell introduces readers to the inner working structure of the Ministry of Truth where Winston worked. He also provides a detailed glimpse of Winston’s job and how he is turning nonsense into news inside his cubicle. Winston mainly rectifies … Read more

Starbucks SWOT Analysis 2021

Contents Starbucks: An Introduction Starbucks SWOT Analysis 2021 Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats A few last words Starbucks: An Introduction Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) is the largest coffeehouse chain globally, with 32,660 stores operational at the end of fiscal 2020. The company is known for premium quality coffee and a focus on customer service. Apart from that, … Read more

Best Buy’s Business Model.

Contents About Best Buy. How does Best Buy make money? Business segments and structure. Best Buy digital transformation. A few last words About Best Buy: An Introduction Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) is among the leading names in the US retail sector. Unlike Walmart, which deals in a  vast range of merchandise across several categories and … Read more

How micromanagement hurts worker productivity?

Micromanagement is identified as one of the leadership flaws that can hurt worker productivity. While it is generally easy for managers and leaders to cultivate the tendency, most do not care to measure the impact it has on worker morale and productivity.   There are very few workers who would claim they like being micromanaged. Most … Read more

Best Buy Marketing Mix

Contents About Best Buy Best Buy Marketing Mix Product Place Price Promotion People Processes Physical Evidence About Best Buy: One of the leading retailers in the US, Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) was incorporated in 1966 in Minnesota. The retail company performed well during the pandemic despite a new set of challenges that required quick adjustments … Read more

Best Buy Swot Analysis

In this post, we have conducted a swot analysis of Best Buy, one of the leading US-based retailers, based on its past year’s performance and market position. Best Buy: An Introduction Best Buy is one of the leading retailers based in the United States. It was incorporated in Minnesota in 1966. The company sells products … Read more

Discuss the importance of employee empowerment and steps to empower employees.

Contents what is employee empowerment? Benefits of employee empowerment. How to empower your employees? What is employee empowerment? Human resource management has acquired critical importance for organizations in the 21st century. Companies are investing more in hiring and training their employees. The focus on managing employees strategically to motivate and retain them has increased. Employees … Read more

SWOT analysis of Unilever 2021

Contents: Unilever: An Introduction Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Conclusion Unilever: An Introduction Unilever is a leading consumer goods company with a strong global presence. The company is more than 100 years old and sells across more than 190 countries. It has managed a strong presence in the emerging markets, which accounted for around 58% of … Read more

Pestle analysis of KFC

KFC is among the leading global brands of fast food in the QSR chicken category. It is a part of Yum Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Habit Burger Grill. KFC is a global brand and operates across several markets. Apart from being the largest brand in Yum brand’s portfolio, KFC … Read more

Importance of planning for organizations

Planning is the key to success for organizations. It is crucial for businesses of all sizes – small, medium, or large. Planning helps businesses become future-ready and develop competitive advantages to win even in a complex market environment. Businesses trying to achieve growth in a hypercompetitive market environment must focus on strategic planning. Planning and … Read more

Business Model of Ford Motor Company

About Ford Motor company Ford Motor Company is among the largest automobile companies based in the United States. Incorporated in Delaware in 1919, Ford Motor Company has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. The company has maintained a strong global presence and operates its business worldwide through a large distribution network that includes around … Read more

Ford Motor Company swot 2021

SWOT analysis of Ford Motor Company: Leading US automobile brand Ford Motor Company was incorporated in Delaware in 1919. It is a global company with its headquarters based in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. The company has divided its business into three main segments, the largest being the automotive segment. Apart from that, the other two … Read more

Summary of Book 1 Chapter 3 of Orwell’s 1984

A brief background on the chapter 3 of 1984 (Book 1) Orwell sheds more light on Winston’s family background in this chapter and brings new realities about Oceania to his readers. Winston is dreaming or thinking of his past throughout the chapter. He is reminded of the tragic death of his mother. He also thinks … Read more

Volkswagen swot analysis 2021

Volkswagen: An Introduction The Volkswagen Group, based in Wolfsburg, Germany, is among the world’s largest manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles. It is also one of the brands in the global automobile industry with the largest product portfolio. Its portfolio includes 12 brands from seven European countries. Apart from that, the company also offers a … Read more

Pestle analysis of Facebook

Facebook is the leading social media network with a huge base of loyal users worldwide. The social media network has experienced enormous growth in recent years despite the tough competition from YouTube and other social media websites. Apart from its focus on innovation, the increased smartphone usage worldwide and proliferation of internet technology have also … Read more