Amazon research and Development expenses

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Research and Development Expenses of Amazon 2004-2017

The following table shows the research and development expenses of Amazon from 2004-2017. Amazon includes these expenses as technology and content expenses in its annual report.

[table id=131 /]

The research and development expenses of Amazon Inc are included as the technology and content expenses in its annual report. In 2017 these costs equalled 22.6 Billion dollars which is even higher than Google’s spending on R&D. The technology and content costs of Amazon mainly include the payroll costs of the employees of Amazon engaged in research and development of new and existing products and services as well as maintenance of its websites plus the infrastructure costs. Amazon continues to invest in numerous areas in technology and content so as to improve the consumer experience continuously. Amazon expects its R&D expenses to increase in the coming years as it will keep adding better technologies and products so as to enhance the customer experience further and increase the range of its products and technologies. Its Amazon Web Services costs are also classified as technology and content costs.


Data sourced from the annual report of Amazon available at its investors website.


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