Adidas Research & Development Expenses

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Research and Development Expenses of Adidas  2006 – 2019

Research and development Expenses of ADIDAS 2006-2019 in Million Euros

YearAdidas R&D expenses in Million Euros
2018€153 m
2006€98 m

Product Research and development is a key factor that ensures the success of Adidas brand. Innovation in design and development ensures that the brand keeps bringing popular products to the market. It has an important role in the brand’s sales and growth. Adidas’ R&D expenses include the expenses for personnel and administration.

The research and development expenses of Adidas in 2019 were €152 million compared to €153 million in 2018.

In 2017, Adidas’ R&D expenses rose by 25% from 149 Million Euros to 187 million Euros. Personnel expenses constitute the largest part of the brand’s R&D expenses totaling 64% of its R&D costs. However, the total R&D expenses account for only 0.9% of the brand’s net sales and 2.1% of other operating expenses. The number of people employed in research and development at Adidas also rose from 1021 to 1062.


Data from the annual reports of Adidas found at its investors website. (Annual Reports for 2007 to 2019)

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