About the Author

Hi Readers,

I am Abhijeet Pratap. I created the Notesmatic blog in 2016. Notesmatic.com is a collection of essays, articles, and research for MBA students and faculty. You will also come across essays in literature and a few other subjects on Notesmatic blog many of which have been written by our guest authors.


I have completed an MBA in marketing from Asia Pacific Institute of Management, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, India. Apart from that, I have studied English literature in college (BA Hons.). You can read my full profile on Linked In. Here is the Notesmatic page on Facebook.

I love to blog about topics in marketing, business management, HRM and literature. I also like to study and blog about topics in technology and social media. Some other areas that interest me include arts and psychology. 

I have also created statstic.com which is my blog on business statistics and news.

Cheers! (Jai Gurudev!)

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