Inspiring and Motivating Documentaries on Netflix

If you have felt bored watching Hollywood movies and playing games, then take some time to inspire and motivate yourself. Netflix has a nice large collection of documentaries related to various topics from science and tech to crime and sports. You will also find some inspirational documentaries on Netflix. Here are five of them worth watching:

The Secret:

Directed by Drew Heriot. For 13+ audience about a historical secret that made the likes of Da Vinci and Plato successful. The secret has remained suppressed for years. An Entrepreneur, a therapist, a quantum physicist and others from various walks of life talk of the secret and applying it in your life. What’s the magical secret?  The law of it works? Being in charge of your things, finding control in life and many more things. Motivating, Inspiring, interesting and engaging. Worth watching for those who want to know what keeps them from being successful. 

Steve Jobs : Billion Dollar Hippy (BBC)

Another highly motivating and inspiring documentary created by BBC and Directors Laura Craig Gray and Tristan Quinn. The tale of a hippy billionaire whose hippy background turned him into a better billionaire. Steve Woz and several others related to Apple talk of Steve Jobs and his personality. The documentary contains some very beautiful moments from the life of the Apple founder and includes his Stanford speech. 

It includes the turning point where Jobs was shacked from his own company and his reaction over how everything he had built would be wasted behind him and then his return and Apple’s revival. One of the most interesting documentaries on Steve Jobs with both fun and serious moments from his life. How Steve charmed John Scully away from selling sugar water to build a new and magical world. Remarkable from every angle, the work will engage you from the beginning to the end. Steve fans will find the work especially attractive. There are at least two more documentaries on Steve Jobs on Netflix. You will find them also interesting.

We, The Marines:

For those who seek inspiration in real action, war and adventure, this documentary brings to you the all that is the part and parcel of every US Marine’s life. From breathtaking skydiving scenes to tough training situations, weapons, ships, choppers, war planes and more, the documentary records all which goes into the making of a marine. The pride, the heritage, the physical  hardwork and tolerance, there is a lot of steel to inspire and motivate you. With former Marine and Actor, Gene Hackman as its narrator, the film offers a clean and clear take on the lives of men and women who defend your country and its honour. Pride and valour as well as dedication and service; you will get to watch and experience these values from real close. In the words of the Director Greg MacGillivray, the film needed the raw approach of a documentary to record unstaged action. It is an organic film coming from real life experience. The documentary celebrates the dedication, service and bravery of the men and women for whom “Work is Warship”.

Ram Dass Going Home: Netflix Original (by Director Derek Peck)

Want some peace of mind, Watch Ram Dass Going Home. Ram Dass meditates on life and death and tells us about his life experiences. The documentary contains scenes from the life of Ramdass and he tells you the story of his transformation.  Having suffered a stroke some twenty years ago, Ram Dass is himself approaching the last journey. He has been living in Maui and talks from the serene environment of his Maui home. He watches the ocean and listens to the singing of birds from his study. Ram Dass is a spiritual and cultural icon and finds refuge and a break from the hustle and bustle of the world in the natural surroundings of Maui from where he is carrying on his spiritual work. Listen to his ideas about truth, love and consciousness and of nature which is a medium for him to connect with Lord Hanuman. And his vision of death as a last journey back home. Find peace and inspiration and re-establish the lost connection with life. 

Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru:

This is another one of Netflix that you are going to love if anything is frustrating you and you are trying to emerge from lack of motivation.  Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a NewYork Times best selling author and a motivator as well as a powerful influence in the lives of millions from more than 100 countries. The documentary features one of his most celebrated live events ‘Date With Destiny’ . It is not just the common people, but athletes, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEOs as well as political leaders have also found his expertise useful.

Director of the documentary is academy award nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger. Joe unveils the beauty of Tony’s seminars and how he helps people reignite their passion and get back in control. The energy level can sometimes be too high to handle but extracting pleasure from pain takes a lot. Pain can change you. There is a lot hidden behind that pain and Tony will make you hug it. He asks people to use there soul and not just their f… heads (Tony’s words). He peeps confidently into people’s eyes and speaks to their souls to unleash the energy contained within. Don’t marvel, if the show leaves you spellbound.



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