Berkshire investments with highest market value

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Berkshire Hathaway’s Investments with Highest Market Value (2017)

The following table shows the 15 common stock investments by Berkshire Hathaway having the highest market value as of  year end 2017.

Berkshire's 15 common stock investments with largest market value at year end 2017.

Shares*CompanyPercentage of Company OwnedCost** (millions)Market Value (millions)
151,610,700American Express Company17.6$1,287$15,056
166,713,209Apple Inc.3.320,96128,213
700,000,000Bank of America Corporation6.85,00720,664
53,307,534The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation5.32,2302,871
225,000,000BYD Company Ltd.8.22321,961
6,789,054Charter Communications, Inc.2.81,2102,281
400,000,000The Coca-Cola Company9.41,29918,352
53,110,395Delta Airlines Inc.7.42,2192,974
44,527,147General Motors Company3.21,3431,825
11,390,582The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.36542,902
24,669,778Moody’s Corporation12.92483,642
74,587,892Phillips 6614.95,8417,545
47,659,456Southwest Airlines Co.8.11,9973,119
103,855,045U.S. Bancorp6.33,3435,565
482,544,468Wells Fargo & Company9.911,83729,276
Total Common Stocks Carried at Market$74,676$170,540

Berkshire hathaway Inc. is a holding company that owns several subsidiaries engaged in a  variety of businesses. Most important among these are insurance business, freight rail transportation business and a group of utility and energy generation and distribution businesses. Berkshire also owns and operates a large number of other businesses apart from these. These businesses operate independently or on a decentralized basis which means no central HR, marketing or finance function. However, the top management participates in resource allocation, investment and selection of CEOs for each of the businesses.

Five of Berkshire investments with the highest market value (as of year end, 2017) included Wells Fargo & Company, Apple Inc., Bank of America Corporation, the Coca Cola Company and the American Express Company. As per news sources, due to growth in Apple’s stock, the market value of Berkshire’s 5% stake in Apple is now around $50 Billions. This is the highest stake Berkshire has in any one company (CNN Business).


Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report 2017

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